Trinity Church Rejuvenation

Trinity Church Rejuvenation Update

As the church design team develops the scope for a possible interior rejuvenation, scaffolding will be visible inside Trinity Church through mid-December. Read previous updates about the rejuvenation.

On Sunday, and for roughly the next six weeks, you will see the footings for scaffolding on both the south and north sides in the rear bay of the church. This scaffolding will support a 20-foot-wide bridge spanning the north and south walls of the nave. The bridge platform will be roughly 25 feet in the air. It will be used to complete the full paint mock ups. To install the bridge, the rear pews will not be accessible for a period of time during the week, but they should be available for use again on Sunday.  

Scaffolding also has been installed on the southern exterior of Trinity Church to allow access to one of the yellow stained-glass windows in the clerestory, the upper part of the nave that is clear of the roof and allows light in to the church. The lower stained glass will be cleaned for the mock up. The yellow tint was added in 1967. Members of the renovation team will lighten six of the panes of glass within a single window to correspond with the vision of Trinity’s original architect, Richard Upjohn. As with the paint color mock ups, this is a test to see how the change—in this case a much lighter yellow—would affect the worship space.