Update: Rejuvenation of the Trinity Church Nave

James Melchiorre

The project of rejuvenating the nave of Trinity Church is now into its fourteenth month.  This is the first major refurbishing of the interior of the historic 1846 building in almost 75 years and the process has shifted from demolition to the stage of rebuilding.

The high altar is perhaps the prime example. Dating back almost a century-and-a-half, the altar was de-constructed in the summer of 2018.

Photo: Colin Winterbottom

Hundreds of its pieces were placed in boxes.

Photo: James Melchiorre

Here they are again, fortunately with numbers, which will come in handy for the jigsaw-puzzle-like process of reassembly.

Photo: Colin Winterbottom

Sandstone tiles covered the floor on the side aisles of the church. They’ll be back, once the task of matching colors is complete.

Photo: Colin Winterbottom

Below are the new steps to the chancel, which will eventually be overlaid by marble.

Photo: Colin Winterbottom

The chancel line will also move a few feet farther to the west, which is where it was in 1846 when the church building opened as the masterpiece of architect Richard Upjohn.

The wrought-iron fence, outside at Broadway and Wall Street, will also get a face lift during a stay at Robinson Iron Corporation in Alexander City, Alabama, about 70 miles from Birmingham.

Photo: Colin Winterbottom

If all goes according to plan, the rejuvenated nave of Trinity Church will be open and operating again for Christmas Eve worship Tuesday December 24.