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The fourth Sunday in Lent, coming up this Sunday, March 11, is known as Laetare Sunday. Laetare means “rejoice” in Latin, and the name is taken from the day’s Introit. (An introit is a psalm or antiphon sung or said during the opening of Holy Eucharist.) Sunday’s introit starts with the words "Laetare Jerusalem" from Read more

Due to the inclement weather, Trinity Church Wall Street and St. Paul’s Chapel will be closing at 4:00pm on Wednesday, March 7.  All events after that time, including Evening Prayer, have been cancelled.Read more

The word “stations” in reference to Jesus’ journey to the cross first appears in the writings of the English traveler, author, and monastic William Wey in 1458.  However, the devotional custom dates back to at least the Middle Ages when wealthy believers would travel from Europe to the Holy Land to reenact the Way of the Cross or Via Dolorosa.  One motivation was Read more

At 5:30pm on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, the rush hour commute was in full swing. Hundreds hurried up Broadway, past the gates of St. Paul’s Chapel. Some stopped, drawn into the interfaith crowd on the chapel steps, which had gathered for a vigil in solidarity with the Syrian people. Syria is in the midst of a civil war that has caused massive displacement, loss of life Read more

The Rev. Dr. Bill Lupfer, Rector, led Trinity's annual pilgrimage to Sing Sing prison on February 15 to visit fifteen incarcerated students who are working toward a Master of Professional Studies degree.

“We come here to remind you that you’re not alone; we haven’t forgotten you,” Dr. Lupfer told the students.

“And to remind ourselves that you’re an Read more

The Loner, the Friend, the Contemplator

If you had to choose an archetype to describe how the world sees you, and others to show how you really are, what would you pick? Are you the Dreamer? The Pessimist?

These are the questions answered by students from Read more

For many years, Trinity parishioners have written daily meditations to guide themselves and each other through the 40 days of Lent.

This year’s edition is available in printed form and can be found in the churches and Parish Center. A digital version is provided here.

 Read more

Deborah Danner was one of us, a beloved member of the Trinity Church Wall Street community. Her death was a tragedy that could and should have been avoided.

As those among society’s most vulnerable, mentally ill people deserve to be treated with compassion and understanding. And those who engage with the mentally ill in highly charged situations require adequate training and Read more

In recent weeks, members of the Trinity community have attended the trial of Sgt. Hugh Barry, the NYPD officer accused of murder in the death of former parishioner Deborah Danner. Closing arguments have been made and a decision is expected from the judge tomorrow, February 15, at 9:30am.

To mark the end of trial, Trinity will hold a special service of comfort at 5:15pm tomorrow evening in Trinity Church’s Chapel of All Saints. The service will provide a moment to remember Deborah and Read more