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Two weeks after the attack on the World Trade Center and one week after the planned rebooting of his alternative worship services, the Rev. Lyndon Harris, pastor of St. Paul’s Chapel, charged with developing ministries there, found himself...Read more

For many years, Joe Breed, Executive Director of Saint Margaret’s House, Trinity Church’s pioneering housing facility for seniors and the disabled, practiced preparing for disaster assistance with a most unlikely model: imagining that a plane...Read more

In 1975, John Liegel, a young New York City police officer, was directing traffic when a bomb exploded at LaGuardia Airport. In February 1993, just reporting for duty at his post as Port Authority police officer assigned to the World Trade Center...Read more

On September 11, as the first of the World Trade Center’s towers fell, Father Milton Williams crawled underneath a car on Fulton Street opposite the center and breathed, for some shocking seconds, black air that entered his lungs feeling like...Read more

Hundreds of miles away from “Ground Zero”, Page Case couldn’t take it any more. Four weeks later, with her women’s group, she’d helped her church, St. Thomas Episcopal on the Isle of Hope, near Savannah, Georgia, to raise $10,000 for ongoing relief..Read more

On September 11 Trinity Church was hosting the Archbishop of Wales, Rowan Williams, widely considered to be one of the most profound theologians in the Anglican Communion. He had come to New York to deliver the Hobart Lecture at the Cathedral...Read more

The displaced members of Trinity Church, at the corner of Wall Street and Broadway, will reclaim their Gothic building slowly, guided by the step-by-step easing of restrictions on access to lower Manhattan which will mark the area's return from hell.Read more

Grant us, O Lord, not to be anxious about earthly things, but to love things heavenly; and even now, while we are placed among things that are passing away, to hold fast to those that shall endure.Read more

On Tuesday Sept. 11, like many others occupying offices in the skyscrapers that reached to the knees of the World Trade Center in New York, the Rev. Dr. Daniel Paul Matthews, Rector of Trinity Church in lower Manhattan, thought he was going to die.Read more

Sermon preached by the rev. Daniel paul matthews, D.D., rector of the parish of Trinity Church, Wall Street.Read more