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Trinity Church Wall Street has been serving its neighborhood in Lower Manhattan since 1697, and when an institution is already into its fourth century, almost nothing is happening for the first time.

So as the present Trinity congregation temporarily assembles for most of its Sunday worship at St. Paul’s Chapel during the rejuvenation of the nave of the church, it’s helpful to remember that such Read more

As Trinity Church Wall Street embarks upon a two-year rejuvenation project, parishioners reflect on their experiences in Trinity Church, and look toward the building’s future.

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Trinity Church Wall Street is a congregation in its fourth century with a primary worship space dating back 17 decades. Now Trinity is ensuring the vitality of future ministry, to the neighborhood and to the world, with a major rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church.

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Professor James Cone spoke publicly at Trinity Church Wall Street as part of Trinity Institute in January 2008. More recently, in December 2015, Trinity produced a video interview with Professor Cone conducted by J. Kameron Carter, currently a professor at Duke Divinity School.

We never released the interview because both Professor Carter and Trinity hoped to collaborate on a public event to honor Professor Cone for his more than forty years at Union Theological Seminary as a teacher Read more

The Annual Vestry Election was held April 3, 2018. The following persons were elected:

Church Wardens

Mr. Joel Motley

Mr. Paul Yang

Members of the Vestry

Mr. Frederick Bland

Mr. William Cobb

Mr. Sanders Davies

Dr. Scott E. Evenbeck

Mr. Robert G. Zack

Ms. Suzanne Hammett

Ms. Susan Hewitt

Mr. T. Dennis Sullivan

Mr. Emory Edwards

Mr. Eric Eve

Ms. Sara Queen Read more

Transcribed and edited from the sermon above, given in Trinity Church on March 25, 2018, by the Rev. Phillip A. Jackson Read more

Here’s a list of the many Holy Week and Easter resources available on the Trinity Church Wall Street website.

Seven Ways to Explain Holy Week to Children
April 6, 2009
The Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones and Kathy Bozzuti-Jones offer seven ways to Read more

Trinity parishioners and friends joined the March for Our Lives on March 24, 2018. Teens and chaperones traveled to Washington, DC, while another contingent joined other Episcopalians in the diocese for the New York march.

Why are teens marching? From Scarlet: "We live in a world where it’s full with violence and this is the time to come together as one, especially us teenagers. We should be at school thinking about what we’re going to have for lunch or if we’re going to pass the Read more

Trinity Church Wall Street is beginning a Mission & Service partnership with the Episcopal Church in Navajoland. The specific goal will be to work alongside our sisters and brothers of Navajoland to assist the bishop in the development of a Wellness Center with programs to support women and children who are struggling in a context of alcohol abuse, and to Read more