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Trinity's Faith Formation & Education department has partnered with ChurchNext, a leading provider of online study resources, to create a library of courses that relate to our parish’s core values, are easily accessible from any computer or phone, and are taught by respected instructors.

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It takes only minutes to sign up. Then you are invited to browse the courses and take any or all that interest you. The format is designed to be simple and intuitive.

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It will take an average student about 45 minutes to complete any of these courses. You can pause at any time and come back. You can even re-take lessons. Each course features 3-6 video lectures that are from 5-7 minutes in length. Also included are downloadable mp3s of each lecture plus discussion questions and a one-page synopsis of the course called The Takeaway.


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Prayer and Worship in Our HomesView Course

In an age of COVID-19, our inability to draw near to one another should not affect our ability to draw near to God. This free, multi-part course is designed for Christians to use this time of separation from one another as a time of drawing near to God.


Mr. Rogers' Simple Faith with Westina MatthewsView Course

Explore the simplicity of the Christian faith through the work of one of America's best known children's teachers. Led by a former Trinity parishioner and Vestry member.

Talking about Same Gender Unions with Jeffrey LeeView Course

Learn how to engage in fruitful conversation around one of the most important and sensitive issues of our age. Episcopal bishop and author Jeffrey Lee teaches us about some of the more salient points surrounding this important topic.


Radical Welcoming with Stephanie SpellersView Course

Learn how churches can breathe new life into their communities by radically welcoming others.


Reading the Bible through the Lens of Conflict with Pádraig Ó TuamaView Course

Discover new ways to handle conflict by reading scripture through a different lens.

Social Justice

Racism and Racial Justice with Eduardo Bonilla-SilvaView Course

Learn how racism persists in America today. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva says it's subtle, it's harmful, it's growing, and there are things that can be done to address it.

Reparation and Racial Justice with Jennifer HarveyView Course

Learn why decades of talking about reconciliation have failed to lessen racial tensions in America and how a new paradigm based on reparation may help.

Theology and Racial Justice with J. Kameron CarterView Course

Get a deeper understanding of racial justice by examining its theological roots.

Whiteness and Racial Justice with Kelly Brown-DouglasView Course

Learn how the dominance and privilege of whiteness impacts our desire to bring racial healing to society.


Spirituality and Gardening with Christine SineView Course

God is a gardener. So what better place to meet God than on God's own turf? So says author, spiritual director, and gardener Christine Sine. In this class she makes connections and offers deep insights into gardening and our experience of God.

The Living Diet with Martha TatarnicView Course

Dive deeper into the connection between body and spirit as a seasoned teacher leads us through some of the teachings of Jesus on food.

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