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Trinity Summer Kids' Program

Virtual Fun, Friends, and Learning
July 13-August 14, 2020


Questions? Email Kathryn Carroll.

Trinity Church Wall Street invites children in preschool through high school to explore music, arts, drama, meditation, feelings, and kitchen basics, and make new friends, in this month-long series of classes. Learn more below.






Creative Dance




Kid’s Kitchen


Buildin’ Beats


I ♥ Art NY





Read This First—Important Information about Registration

General information

  • Classes are free; registration is open and rolling.
  • Classes are more experience-based than skill-based. They will all be live, social, and interactive, and, we hope, fun. Children will learn, if not master, something new, with new and old friends.
  • Classes are not faith-based (although you and your children are invited to our online “Sunday School” program at 10am Sundays).
  • No classes run concurrent to others, i.e., families will need only one device on an internet connection at a time, and students can take multiple classes in one day.
  • Some classes have more than one section--meaning they are the same class, just offered on different days. Please choose one.
  • Classes will end on August 14 (with the possibility of an extension depending on interest, teacher availability, and return dates for public schools).
  • Classes are accessed via the Webex platform. Please follow this link to download Webex Meetings to your computer. For help downloading the application, click here.

Registration Requirements

  • Each class requires a separate registration.
  • Please be aware the registration form will follow this path:
    • Parent's information
    • Student's information
  • In the registration form, you will be asked to indicate your consent to nine (9) agreements. Please read through all the agreements (PDF). When you register, you’ll be able to re-read the individual waivers by copying and pasting the supplied URL in your browser.


  • All virtual classrooms will have at least two trained adults present at all times. Other designated staff supervisors will have access to all classes.
  • Only students who are registered for a particular class will be able to enter that virtual classroom.
  • We’re following online best practices for adults, youth, and children.


  • If a student misses two classes in a row without notifying program staff, the child will be removed from the class to allow other children to attend.
  • If your child cannot attend a class, please email Kathryn Carroll at
  • Parents are welcome to join in or “drop off.”


Class Descriptions


Buildin' Beats: Composition and Musical Production Using Soundtrap with Gabriel Globus-Hoenich

Open to kids in middle school and up with some music experience
Class time: 45 minutes; two sections: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm (choose one)

Using digital collaborative platform Soundtrap, students will study the art of musical production and composition. Students will learn basics of harmony and rhythm and create original loop-based musical compositions online with Soundtrap. Students will be able to work together from their own homes to collaborate, critique, and build upon one another's ideas. Each student will be able to create and keep the music they make.

Drumming at Home Around the World with Gabriel Globus-Hoenich

Open to kids in Kindergarten-5th Grade
Class time: 30 minutes; three sections: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 1pm (choose one)

Build homemade instruments and use them to jam, improvise, and learn basic rhythms from around the world. Grab the saltshaker, an old yogurt tin, or pots and pans, and turn them into drums! Students will learn what makes a percussion instrument, including the 3 S’s of percussion: Strike, Shake, and Scrape. They will also learn some basic beats from around the world including Cuban Clave, Brazilian Samba, and Caribbean Soca.

Songs and Stories with Gabriel Globus-Hoenich

Open to kids in Preschool-1st Grade
Class time: 20-30 minutes; two sections: Mondays and Wednesdays at 11am (choose one)

Join Gabriel as he reads children’s stories spiced up with singalong songs. Featuring classic stories and tales with improvised musical embellishments that will bring any story to life!



I ♥ NY: Art Appreciation with Lavinia Roberts

Open to kids in grades 3-5
Class time: 30 minutes; Tuesdays at 4pm

Kids will learn about the history of New York City through the artwork of artists such as Faith Ringgold, Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, and others. We will discuss works of art through improv activities, creative writing, and art projects inspired by these artists.

Up-cycle! Eco-Arts and Crafts with Lavinia Roberts

Open to kids in grades 2-5
Class time: 45 minutes; two sections: Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon (choose one)

Kids will create artwork using found materials and recyclables from their own home. They will explore ecology, sustainability, and the importance of recycling materials. They will also learn about visual artists with sustainable art practices and who use recycled materials. Participants will explore artwork through dramatic activities, improv games, and minimal creative writing.

Laughing Matters: A Course on Crafting Comedy with Lavinia Roberts

Open to tweens in 4th and 5th grades
Class time: 45 minutes; two sections: Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm (choose one)

Tweens will explore various ways of creating comedy, including, but not limited to: joke construction, word play, prop comedy, physical comedy, sketch comedy, and more. Participants will also learn about the psychology behind humor and the science of well-crafted comedy, and do improv and minimal writing activities to cultivate their own comedic abilities.



Puppets: Fun, Feelings, and Friends with NYC Kids Project

Open to kids ages 4-8
Class time: 30 minutes; Thursdays at 1pm

We’ll be reading books, teaching sign language, and meeting some puppet friends. Focus is on the processes of making friends and connecting with others no matter how different they may be on the outside!


Open to kids ages 8-12
Class time: 45 minutes; Thursdays at 4pm

This puppet show features child-size multicultural puppets and storytelling, and incorporates sign language. Focus is on diversity, empathy, and inclusion of all kinds. There will be a chance to interact directly with the puppet characters!

Sitting Still Like a Frog with Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones

Sitting Still Like a FrogOpen to children in Preschool and older
Class time: 30 minutes; two sections: Mondays and Thursdays at 10:30am (choose one)

Let’s sit still like a frog! In this class we’ll explore simple mindfulness exercises to help children deal with anxiety, improve concentration, and handle difficult emotions.



Creative Dance with Marina Celander

Open to children in Preschool-3rd Grade (two classes, Preschool-Kindergarten; 1st-3rd grades)
Class time: 30 minutes; Tuesdays at 10am

In creative dance, we allow students to express themselves through movement and spatially engage with the world around them. We work with student-led dance making right away and explore different themes together in each class. Marina’s movement classes are multisensory and engage children with different learning strengths.

Hula Dance with Marina Celander

Open to children in 4th Grade and older
Class time: 30-45 minutes; Wednesdays at 10am

Hula dance is a traditional art form from the Hawaiian Islands. In this class, we will learn some of the basic steps of the feet, hands, and hips, and put it all together and tell a story with a simple hula choreography. We always learn hula in a cultural context, incorporating Hawaiian words and concepts.



Kids’ Kitchen: Watch, Learn, and Play with Food with Lisa Brown and Family

Open to kids in 4th and 5th grades
Class time: 45 minutes; two sections: Tuesdays and Fridays at 2pm (choose one)

Join Lisa Brown for food and fun! Cooking is a creative endeavor, a life skill, and a pleasure! Kids will explore the world through their own kitchens, learning about different foods, tools, and techniques, as well as think about family food traditions and tales.


About the Instructors

Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones

Kathy Bozzuti-JonesDr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones is a meditation instructor and prayer leader, school chaplain, and faith formation specialist at Trinity Church Wall Street. She is currently studying with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield on a Mindfulness Meditation teaching certification.


Lisa Brown

Lisa BrownLisa Brown is an educator, author, artist, and long-time Scout leader who has worked with young people of all ages to learn more about themselves and the world in which they live. She loves using storytelling and creative collaboration to explore different topics. Her favorite recipes involve chocolate and she believes every day should be an adventure.


Marina Celander

Marina CelanderMarina Celander is a theatre artist on New York’s downtown stages. After graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, she moved to NYC and has performed nationally and internationally in theatre and movement. She is a teaching artist with various organizations and enjoys teaching creative dance and hula dance to elementary school children in NYC public schools. Marina is a proud member of the DEL (Dance Education Lab) family at 92nd Street Y and firmly believes that everyone can dance. Marina has studied hula in Hawai'i and in New York with kumu hula, hula master teachers, and is looking forward to sharing aloha and creative dance with the Trinity kids this summer.


Gabriel Globus-Hoenich

Gabriel Globus-HoenichPercussionist Gabriel Globus-Hoenich blends a multitude of musical influences together in his work as a performer and educator. A Montreal native now based in New York, Gabriel’s career reflects a deep love for the worlds of jazz, classical music, and world music. He has performed on drumset and percussion with a wide variety of artists including Morgan James, Jim James, Arturo O'Farrill and the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, Omara Portuondo, Telmary Diaz, Roberto Fonseca, Tirso Duarte, Steve Hackman, Tessa Lark, the Philly Pops, Pittsburgh Symphony, Detroit Symphony, and Louisville Orchestra, among others.

In addition to performance, collaboration, and composition, Gabriel’s career highlights include founding People of Earth, a 15-person Latin fusion group, in 2017, extensive world percussion studies, and serving as a teaching artist for several organizations including 92nd Street Y.

He is a co-founder of PlasticBand, a community drumming group based in Harlem, and received a Carnegie Hall NeON Arts Grant to build this program. He is a 2008 graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music where he studied with Don Liuzzi and Robert van Sice. For more information, visit


NYC Kids Project

NYC Kids ProjectNYC Kids Project brings stories of inclusion, respect, and connection to children of all ages. Our interactive programs include storytelling, sign language, puppets, and theatre—encouraging kindness, understanding, and, of course, fun!


Lavinia Roberts

Lavinia RobertsLavinia Roberts is an award-winning playwright, puppet designer, and arts educator. More than 50 of her plays for young people have been published by Brooklyn Publishers, Eldridge publishing, Heuer Publishing, Pioneer Drama, and others. Her book, A Little Drama; Playful Activities for Young Children, is published with Redleaf Press. Her plays have been produced in all 50 states and in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

She has taught puppetry, visual art, and theatre with various arts organizations in New York City including Arts Connection, Project Art, and Sunday school at Trinity Church Wall Street. Lavinia and her sister, Cecilia Roberts, created the giant Nativity puppets used for several years in Trinity Church Wall Street’s Christmas liturgies. She has a Master’s in Educational Theatre from New York University. This is her fourth summer teaching at Trinity Church Wall Street’s summer programs and she is excited to get creative with kids again this year! Website:


About the Assistant Hosts

Wayne Edwards

Wayne EdwardsHi. Wayne is my name. I'm a part-time assistant in programs for children and families at Trinity, big Pokémon Go lover, and even harder worker. See you all soon!


Jean Tremmel

Jean TremmelI am a certified “Godly Play Storyteller” and have been working with children at Trinity Church Wall Street for five years. I live on Long Island with my husband and a very long list of rescue animals: Atlas, our Great Dane; two Newfoundlands, Bridget and Gypsy; and an array of other spoiled cats and dogs!


Johanna Barros

Johanna BarrosI’m a part-time youth after-school program assistant, and I love doing makeup and spending time with family. I also love to chef it up from time to time and make a yummy meal.


Tina Alonzo

Tina AlonzoI work with children part time at Trinity and am a full-time mom who loves to Zumba (dance exercise). I also have a love/hate relationship with running (including the NY Marathon)—I hate the running part but love the finish line feeling and medals!


Online Best Practices for Children and Youth

Safe Church for All Children and Youth

  • Minimum of 2 adults on every call
  • Video is ON for adults (for academic work for older youth, proctor adults can stop their video so as not to distract)
  • Private chatting is disabled
  • No recording allowed

Classroom Environment and Management

Kindergarten-5th Grade

  • Silent signals are preferred and will be established with kids (quiet camel, thumbs up)
  • Systems for Mute/Unmute will be established and practiced regularly
  • Chat is off (the host/teacher can still post in chat)
  • Only the host/teacher can share his or her screen
  • Clothing guidelines will be established (clothes on, no bathing suits, class will decide about pajamas)
  • Expectations will be reviewed at the start of each class

Grades 5-12

  • Silent signals are preferred and will be established with students (hand-raising, etc.)
  • Pronouns will be shared
  • Practice Polling
  • Systems for Mute/Unmute will be established and practiced regularly
  • Chat on—Expectations will be set
  • Co-teacher monitors chat
  • No private chatting allowed
  • Only host can share screen (can give an individual share permission when needed)