Whole Community Education

Inclusive Education - Faith Formation for All Ages

While the nave of Trinity Church is undergoing a two-year rejuvenation process through spring 2020, most Sunday services will take place in St. Paul’s Chapel, offering members of the congregation a chance to work together in new ways. One opportunity to deepen relationships among all ages is to create “whole community,” or intergenerational, programing, especially during the 10am education hour. Congregational and staff leaders are collaborating to plan for the fall, and we would like your input on themes that the whole community can engage, together and by age group.

To learn more about how whole community education can help build community and deepen relations, watch this April 28 presentation given to Trinity parishioners and staff by John Roberto, author of Reimaging Faith Formation for the 21st Century: Engaging All Ages & Generations.

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For more information, contact ChristianFormation@trinitywallstreet.org.