Jesus: Rebel
Jesus: Rebel

Whole Community Learning

Inclusive Education - Faith Formation for All Ages

Jesus: Rebel with a Cause (2018-2019)

Sundays beginning October 14, 2018 10am | 14 Vesey St.

Jesus didn’t rebel for rebelliousness’ sake. Nor did he oppose the unjust systems of his times merely to confront them. He had another world in view—a different world, which he described and modelled and died for, so that we could understand our role in bringing it about, right here and now. Join Trinity parishioners and friends of all ages in weekly discussion on the meaning of Jesus’ parables, his method of upsetting the status quo, his countercultural stance, and the sublime vision that Christians the world over are still living and dying for today.

Jesus: Rebel with a Cause is the inaugural theme for Trinity’s new approach to the Sunday educational hour. Whole Community Learning offers participants an opportunity to explore one theme each year. Each theme is broken into smaller units that follow the liturgical seasons and allow for intergenerational and peer-group activities. Lessons mine the ancient texts for contemporary wisdom, but also model the Trinity way of studying scripture: being mindful of scholarship, context, and how it resonates today in practice, with a gentle emphasis on holding contradictions and inviting all voices.

Below you'll find the season's schedule, a photo gallery of our recent sessions, and resources about intergenerational learning you may find useful. To see the schedule of events from Whole Community Learning, Units I, II, & III, click here.

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2019 Schedule

Eastertide Whole Community Learning
Unit IV—Band of Rebels, Company of Saints

We stand on the shoulders of giants—women and men whose love of God inspired love of neighbor through social justice, inclusion, and mutual care. This unit invites us to go beyond thinking of “saints” as pious and safe historical figures and to discover in them a spark of holy rebellion inherited from Jesus and the Prophets. In each session, faith leaders both inside and outside the Trinity community will share good news of those who’ve inspired their vocation and changed their lives. Participants of all ages will learn from their witness and be invited to reflect on the saints they’ve encountered in their own lives.

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are held at 14 Vesey St. and toddlers and young 3’s meet in the St. Paul's Chapel Nursery.

Unit IV—Band of Rebels, Company of Saints
April 28
Easter 1
Come get your picture taken in our All Saints Photo Booth. Then share a hot breakfast and visit stations where the Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones, the Rev. Frank Hakoola, Marilyn Greene, and Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones will share about the saints in their lives. To cap it off, biblical storyteller Juliana Rowe will offer a monologue as Mary Magdalene.
May 5
Children will meet at 14 Vesey. Youth meet at the Parish Center. Adults attend the Rector’s Forum in St. Paul’s Chapel.
May 12
Children will meet at 14 Vesey. Youth meet at the Parish Center. Rabbi Darren Levine, Founding Rabbi of Tamid: A Downtown Synagogue will share about the impact the great activist, author, and rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel had on his own faith and leadership.
May 19
Children will meet at 14 Vesey. Youth meet at the Parish Center. The Rev. Dr. Chloe Breyer is an Episcopal priest and the Executive Director of The Interfaith Center. She will speak with the adults about who has inspired her.
May 26
Memorial Day Weekend—no classes
June 2
Children will meet at 14 Vesey. Youth meet at the Parish Center. Adults attend the Rector’s Forum in St. Paul’s Chapel.
June 9
Pentecost—no classes
June 16
A Whole Community gathering at 14 Vesey where participants will share breakfast and name the saints who’ve made a difference in their lives. Together we’ll celebrate the year’s adventure of worship, learning, and community based around St. Paul’s Chapel during the rejuvenation of Trinity’s nave and the building of the Trinity Commons, and we’ll look forward to the future.

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