Whole Community Learning

Inclusive Education - Faith Formation for All Ages

Seasons of Growth and Change

Sundays, September 22–December 22, 2019, 10am | 14 Vesey St.
All ages

Journey with us as we make our pilgrimage through seasons of Creation, Stewardship, and Advent. Where do we come from? Why are we here? What will we become?

  • Discover our roots, our place, our responsibilities

  • Reflect on our diversity, our resources, our call

  • Become connected, inspired, active

Seasons of Growth and Change is Trinity’s second season of intergenerational Sunday morning learning. Learn more about our first year—Jesus: Rebel with a Cause—here.

Registration is not required, but it is helpful. Adults may register here; children may register here; youth may register here.

Fall 2019—Seasons of Growth & Change
Creation: Where do we Come From?
September 29
Whole Community Gathering—Seasons of Growth & Change
Interactive performance by the Movement Choir: "Creation—A Poem"
Prop making for St. Francis Day/Fall Fair
October 6
Tweens: During the Season of Creation 4th-5th graders will be introduced to Pando Spirituality and together work on an illustrated storybook on Pando, God, and Us.   "Creation, Humanity, and Sin: Is Eve Evil?" with the Rev. Dr. Julie Faith Parker, professor, The General Theological Seminary.
October 13
4th-5th Grade Tweens: Pando book creation, continued. Youth are on retreat Open Forum
October 20
4th-5th Grade Tweens: Pando book creation, continued.   Creation Stories:
“Stories that Connect Us” with Leigh Melander, PhD
Stewardship: Why are we here?
October 27
Whole Community Gathering—Azalea Danes and guests - The Youth-Led Climate Strike
November 3
    "Stewardship of the Vote" with Ruth Frey and Kathy Bozzuti-Jones
November 10
    “Stewardship of Creation” with Cheryl Rogowski, the first American farmer awarded a MacArthur Genius Award
November 17
Harvest Breakfast
Advent/Incarnation: Who will we become?
December 8
    “Spiritual Autobiography” with John Deuel, EfM mentor
December 15
    Kids will guide the adults in creating "Where I'm From" stories
December 22
Party following Christmas pageant. Sharing of the "Where I'm From" poems from all ages