Adult Formation Fall 2019

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions meet at 10am Sundays, 14 Vesey St.

September 22: Celebration Sunday

Come share food, learn about what’s happening in education for all ages, and spend time with our new youth minister, the Rev. Matthew Welsch, or Trinity’s Godly Play teachers.

Creation: Where do we come from?

September 29: A Whole Community Gathering to Launch the Season of Creation

Share food, fellowship, and creativity through an interactive performance of  “Creation—A Poem” with Trinity’s Movement Choir and an All-Ages Drumming Circle. Help create the props for next Saturday’s St. Francis Day Fall Fair and Blessing of the Animals.

October 6: Creation, Humanity, and Sin: Is Eve Evil?

What has happened to God’s good creation? This interactive talk combines scholarship, images, drama, and poetry in a lively exploration of Genesis 1-3. Why did God create the world—twice?! Is Eve responsible for leading humankind into sin? The answers may surprise you. Come and discover new meaning in these powerful, ancient stories. The Rev. Dr. Julie Faith Parker is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at The General Theological Seminary. She was awarded the PhD with distinction in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible from Yale University.

October 13: Open Forum

October 20: Creation Stories

What does it mean to be rooted in God as a part of God’s great creation? Join Summerlee Staten this Sunday in a discussion about the Tree of Life in Genesis and throughout the Bible, as we explore how God’s love leads us into a fruit-bearing life.

Stewardship: Why are we here?

October 27: The Climate Strike: A Wake-up Call from One Generation to Another

God’s creation is in crisis and young people around the world are calling us to action. Join Trinity Youth for a Teen Climate Panel. We’ll hear from Azalea Danes, trinity parishioner and part of the planning team for the Global Climate Strike and other youth involved in the global movement for climate justice.  We’re on holy ground. Let’s act like it.

November 3: Stewardship of the Vote

Ruth Frey and Kathy Bozzuti-Jones lead a conversation exploring the intersections of Trinity’s core value of stewardship, participation in voter registration, and commitment to social justice advocacy—in light of the inner work of cultivating and upholding values for the common good.

November 10: Stewardship of Creation

Cheryl Rogowski was the first American farmer awarded a MacArthur Genius Award, cited for “responding to changing market demands in the best spirit of American entrepreneurship by finding contemporary solutions to the challenges facing family farms in America.” Her farm is a pioneer in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement and is credited with starting the first low income CSA in New York state.  

November 17: Harvest Brunch

November 24: Partners in Stewardship

Join members of the Congregational Council in a discussion of the 2020 Stewardship campaign. Hear about the spiritual practice of stewardship and how the Council will be introducing new partners with whom to share our gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

Advent/Incarnation: Who will we become?

December 8: Spiritual Autobiography

The season of Advent invites us to reflect on the incarnation of Jesus. Early Church Father Irenaeus famously said that “the glory of God is a human being fully alive.” Through simple exercises in spiritual autobiography, participants will look at our own “incarnations,” our ongoing process of becoming human. Led by Kathy Bozzuti-Jones, Associate Director of Faith Formation.

December 15: God and Me: “Where I’m From”

Storytelling is uniquely human—and we all have our own stories to tell.  Guided by young storytellers, participants gather to remember and to celebrate their family cultures, homes, and backgrounds, naming the things that stood out from their diverse childhoods. The simple and lyrical poem-template derives from an evocative poem by George Ellen Lyon called, “Where I’m From” and is taught throughout the world.  Leave with an original poem honoring your unique identity.

December 22: Celebration

Come from the Christmas pageant in the 9:15 Eucharist to a party with festive treats and activities. Optional and fun: Participants of all ages will be invited to share our “Where I’m From” poems. Celebrate the season and learn more about our friends and fellow worshippers.