Choosing Hope: From Enmity to Reconciliation

1:00 pm, November 04, 2018
  • St. Paul's Chapel

Where relationships have broken down and harm has occurred, we can live in ongoing enmity or take the difficult journey to heal and restore. Over three talks, Canon David Porter, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Chief of Staff and Strategy, will lead us on an exploration of what this means through the lens of the conflict in Northern Ireland, the post-war experience of Coventry Cathedral, and the challenges for the global church in a changing and divided world.

Knowing Hostility and Learning Hospitality

For those growing up in Belfast in the 1970s, the violent conflict shaped who we became and the choices we made. In this autobiographical reflection on identity and belonging, faith and mission, we will explore how the history of one community’s experience resonates with the world we are in today. 

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