Spiritual Direction Group: Lectio Divina with Poetry

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, December 11, 2014
  • 74 Trinity Place
  • 3rd Floor

Group spiritual direction is an ongoing process. A quiet, prayerful listening space, not fellowship in the sense of chatting, but a gentle fellowship of hearts.

The shared understanding is this: Our whole lives are our spiritual lives and God is in every part of it. The process of healthy group formation takes time, as well; we get to know one another, organically, so we can gradually develop trust and open up more to the Spirit and to each other.

I will lead the way by introducing poetry, asking questions, and listening deeply. You share what brings you in, how you connect to the poem at hand, where you see God in it, where you see an opportunity to learn or develop from our sharing, a challenge, or where God may be calling you.

Group limited to 10 led by Kathy Bozzuti-Jones, PhD, Certified Christian Spiritual Director and Interfaith Spiritual Counselor.

Contact: Kathy Bozzuti-Jones at kbozzuti-jones@trinitywallstreet.org.

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