The Family Table

The Family Table welcomes families with preschool and elementary age children, of any or no religious affiliation, seeking a spacious spiritual dimension to their family lives.  

The everyday spirituality of sitting down to dinner and talking with family is at the heart of The Family Table.  But there are 4 reasons to come to the Table -- including a chance to give back:

1.       Quality family time is essential and difficult to come by in the rush of city life.

2.       Sharing wholesome food served family-style and listening to one another’s stories makes it feel like home.

3.       Open-hearted spiritual conversation with our children and new friends builds the family and community.

4.       Giving back to the local community to help other families is a practice that grounds a good life and models loving-kindness for our children.

The monthly guided family supper event starts at 5pm and includes dinner, live music, a children’s program, and adult conversation starters.

Registration is required.  A fee of $25 per family (additional donations accepted) goes directly to Brooklyn Grange fresh food distribution programs.  Contact Kathy Bozzuti-Jones at (212) 602-9622 or at with names and ages of attending family members. 

Location: 74 Trinity Place, 2nd floor

Upcoming dates for the Family Table are Sundays: March 30, April 27, May 18, 2014