Anglican Church in Africa

For more than 30 years, Trinity has partnered with the Anglican Church in Africa in order to reinforce the bonds of the Anglican Communion, convene leaders for mutual learning, and empower local churches to best support their communities.

While congregations in Africa grow in membership, they often face severe financial challenges in terms of paying salaries to priests, maintaining buildings, and caring for people who are most in need. So Trinity, in partnership with Anglican bishops in Africa, has helped to organize a series of workshops to promote financial sustainability.

The first video below describes a 2019 retreat for archbishops representing Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, designed to share ideas for strengthening church leadership. The second video outlines the historical work of the Anglican Church in Africa and how Trinity has assisted in that work. The third provides a snapshot of the success one diocese has enjoyed through participation in the workshops. 



Identity and Ministry


Trinity Church Wall Street often convenes archbishops and other leaders of the Anglican and Episcopal Churches to share ideas on how to strengthen ministry. One such retreat happened in February 2019 in Kenya with representation from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


Trinity's Ministry in Africa


Trinity Church Wall Street has partnered for more than thirty years with the Anglican Church in Africa. Churches there are growing in membership but often face budget challenges, which is why Trinity has assisted in organizing a series of workshops to promote future financial sustainability on the African continent.


Trinity’s Partnership Bearing Fruit in Kenya


Trinity Church Wall Street works in partnership with the bishops of the Anglican Church in Africa to present a series of workshops designed to ensure the financial sustainability of the Church in Africa. The Diocese of Nakuru in central Kenya already operates several income generating projects and the woman who supervises them offers us a tour.