Asian Partners

Trinity Church Wall Street held its first retreat for archbishops in Asia in May 2019, convening a group of approximately 20 people in South Korea. The purpose of the retreat was to share ideas on leadership in the Asian context.

Trinity looks to strengthen its partnerships in both East Asia and South Asia in the coming years with the people of the provinces, dioceses, and congregations that have deep histories within the Anglican/Episcopal tradition with emphasis on the strategic initiatives of leadership development and building financial capacity through use of mission real estate, as well as by sharing insights on core values in developing ministry identity within local contexts.


Video & Reflections

Trinity's Partners in Asia


Trinity Church Wall Street takes seriously its responsibility to the Anglican Communion, a worldwide network of churches that includes about 80-million people. As an example of that support, for many years Trinity has convened archbishops on retreats to share ideas on leadership, retreats that have taken plane in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and recently, on the Asian continent—in South Korea.


Despite Distance, Similar Calls to Serve

Despite Distance, Similar Calls to ServeGathered in a Bangkok hotel conference room among university-inspired emblems and banners, a small group of leaders from the Anglican Communion in South and Southeast Asia recently prayed, communed, and rested. Read the full blog.


Leadership Through Inclusiveness

Leadership Through InclusivenessTrinity Church Wall Street Rector Bill Lupfer and Trinity's senior clergy ---the Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti Jones, the Rev. Winnie Varghese, and the Rev. Canon Benjamin Musoke-Lubega --- convened archbishops in South Korea in May to share ideas on “Leadership in the Asian Context.” Trinity staff member Rainah Umlauf traveled with the Rector to South Korea and offers this reflection focused through the lens of the famous Gospel account of the feeding of the 5,000. Read the full blog.


Gathering With Partners in Asia

Gathering With Partners in AsiaThe Rector of Trinity Church Wall Street, the Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, opened a recent retreat designed for Church archbishops and their spouses by emphasizing the importance of family and the necessity of rest. “Sabbath is getting to a place where we can recognize God’s blessings,” Dr. Lupfer said. “It’s the only way to keep our ears open to God.” Read the full blog.