International Grant Application Guidelines

International Grant Application
A savings and credit training in the Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania.

Trinity’s international grants seek to build financial capacity and develop leadership in the Anglican Communion.

Program Objectives vary by geographic area and are as follows:

Application process and deadlines are listed below.



Building Financial Capacity

Through funding in this area, Trinity Church seeks to strengthen Anglican dioceses’ and institutions’ financial capacity for mission through creative development of their assets.

Feasibility Studies:  Requests to secure a professional consultant to compare at least two income-generation opportunities and assess each opportunity’s profitability as well as the institution’s capacity to manage the business.

Income Generation Projects:  Requests to support structures or businesses that serve a primary function of generating income for the recipient diocese or institution.

Microfinance & Vocational Training

Through this funding area, Trinity Church seeks to support Anglican dioceses and provinces to empower local communities and especially the most vulnerable people.  Savings circles, microloan programs, and vocational training programs are all eligible to apply for a Trinity grant.


Latin America & the Caribbean

When Trinity first convened our Latin American partners in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015, we began as a small network of Trinity partners seeking to articulate and deepen our understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the Church in Latin America.

In Panama City, Panama in 2016, we welcomed new dioceses along with new leaders to the conversation and explored questions of Anglican identity, mission imperatives, and forming leaders.  Church leaders from the Caribbean were invited for the first time – expanding the group to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

From those conversations, these priorities emerged: to build financial capacity, formation in Anglican identity and the formation of leaders for the Church.

Building Financial Capacity

Trinity desires to work together with Anglican dioceses to strengthen their financial capacity and resources that would lead to their financial independence. Without strong financial stewardship and capacity there is no future for the Church in LAC.

Through our grants, we seek to partner with dioceses in LAC who seek to develop income generating projects and opportunities. We are also interested in partnering with projects that empower local communities, especially where the most vulnerable community members are served.

Leadership Development

Trinity seeks to support programs that deepen the Anglican and Episcopal identity in LAC. Latin America has a unique experience where many priests from the Roman Catholic Church to the Anglican/Episcopal Church. Since insufficient formation in church polity leads to various challenges, Trinity seeks to help in the ongoing formation of leaders throughout Anglican/Episcopal dioceses and institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean for:

  • Short-term formation programs and conferences; or
  • South-to-South exchange programs in the areas of ministry, liturgy, theology, seminary education, or church administration.

Application Process and Deadlines

To apply, please complete the eligibility quiz and register your international organization at Trinity’s online grants portal:

Once you receive a username and password, submitting an application within the grants portal is a three-step process:

1. Applicants submit a letter of inquiry (LOI).
2. Trinity staff reviews all inquiries on or before the next inquiry deadline.
3. If the inquiry is approved, applicants are invited to submit a full proposal for funding.

2018 inquiry deadlines are as follows:

  • January 15
  • April 15
  • July 15