The Choir of Trinity Wall Street, NOVUS NY, cellist Matt Haimovitz, and others
Julian Wachner, conductor

From a deeply stirring Mass to hauntingly re-imagined Leonard Cohen masterpieces, LUNA PEARL WOOLF: Fire and Flood encompasses 25 years of vocal and choral works by the innovative American-Canadian composer. The composer-portrait album features new and compelling performances from The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and NOVUS NY conducted by Julian Wachner, cellist Matt Haimovitz, soprano Devon Guthrie, mezzo-soprano Elise Quagliata, and Broadway actress Nancy Anderson.

NOVUS NY, The Choir of Trinity Wall Street, Trinity Youth Chorus, and soloists
Julian Wachner, conductor
20th Anniversary Album

Philip Glass’s magnum symphonic opus Symphony No. 5: Requiem, Bardo, Nirmanakaya draws from diverse spiritual wellsprings—including the Bible, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Koran, Hindu scriptures, and West African traditions—to create an epic narrative. The release of the album by Orange Mountain Music celebrates the 20th anniversary of the piece’s premiere and is the first recording captured with all the participants in one space (Trinity Church).


NOVUS NY and The Choir of Trinity Wall Street
Julian Wachner, conductor
2019 Pulitzer Prize-winner

Ellen Reid was awarded the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Music for her opera, p r i s m, which addresses the psychological effects of surviving sexual assault. The work explores the viscosity of memory after trauma, and the lengths one will go to feel better – no matter the cost.


NOVUS NY and soloists
Julian Wachner, conductor

Anna Christie is a story of family, forgiveness, and fierce feminism long before its time. This new and vibrant musical interpretation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play features music by Edward Thomas, libretto by Joe Masteroff, and includes NOVUS NY with Julian Wachner as music director.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street
Daniela Candillari, conductor

An homage to the campy and spine-chilling horror films of the 1940s, Acquanetta combines theater, opera, and film to explore the world of a real-life B-movie star with a mysterious past. With a soaring and often comic score from Bang on a Can cofounder Michael Gordon and text by librettist Deborah Artman, Acquanetta examines the ways in which the movie camera manipulates how we see and are seen. A vivid cast of characters reveals their inner longings and emotional shadows in a haunting meditation on identity, transformation, stereotypes, and typecasting, set in the heyday of Hollywood glamour.


Trinity Youth Chorus, San Francisco Girls Chorus, The Knights
Eric Jacobsen, conductor

"My Outstretched Hand" by Lisa Bielawa takes its text from excerpts of the autobiography of Mary MacLane, an extremely precocious 19-year-old living in Montana in 1901. As Bielawa explains, "MacLane was a child genius whose words deserve not to be forgotten. Totally isolated from any literary community, she churned out writing that is bold, audacious, colorful, often funny, and sometimes achingly sad... [This album] invites listeners to take the strong surges of adolescent emotion seriously as unique and important expressions of our shared human experience."


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and NOVUS NY
Julian Wachner, conductor
2017 Pulitzer Prize-winner

Du Yun and Royce Vavrek‘s 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning opera Angel’s Bone was commissioned and co-produced by Trinity Church Wall Street and released on VIA records. Celebrated both for its breakthrough musical innovations and its bold, direct allegories to human trafficking, Angel’s Bone exists as a truly revolutionary work, generating dialogue both to expand the boundaries of music and the fight for human rights.


The Washington Chorus, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, NOVUS NY, and 1B1
Julian Wachner, conductor

The hour-long, space-inspired cantata pushes the boundaries of art and science as it takes audiences on a journey of wonder and exploration. It features opera stars Nathan Gunn and Talise Travigne, a 20-piece instrumental ensemble, a 100-person choir from The Washington Chorus, and a cutting-edge virtual reality film (Fistful of Stars).


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street, the Trinity Youth Chorus, and NOVUS NY
Julian Wachner, conductor

This recording features nine festive, brilliant carol settings performed by The Choir of Trinity Wall Street, The Trinity Youth Chorus, and NOVUS NY and three organ improvisations on carols performed by Julian Wachner.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street, the Trinity Youth Chorus, NOVUS NY, Avi Stein and soloists
Julian Wachner, conductor

The first recoding dedicated exclusively to Trevor Weston’s work, Choral Works captures Weston’s singular contribution to the Anglican choral tradition. His music is steeped in the African-American experience and draws on influences that range from Egyptian philosophy and isorhythmic motets to the vocal culture of the Gullah.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and the Bang on a Can All-Stars
Julian Wachner, conductor
2015 Pulitzer Prize-winner; 2016 Grammy-nominated

In a stunning blend of diverse musical styles, Julia Wolfe's "Anthracite Fields" is a lovingly detailed oratorio about turn-of-the-20th-century Pennsylvania coal miners—and a fitting recipient of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Music. Weaving together personal interviews that Wolfe conducted with miners and their families, along with oral histories, speeches, rhymes, and local mining lore, the composer seeks to honor the working lives of Pennsylvania's anthracite region with this sweeping, adventurous piece.

"This is a major, profound work." —Los Angeles Times

Members of The Choir of Trinity Wall Street
Julian Wachner, conductor
Sarah Brailey and Linda Jones, soprano
Luthien Brackett and Melissa Attebury, alto
Steven Caldicott Wilson and Timothy Hodges, tenor
Thomas McCargar and Jonathan Woody, bass

A bold and original multilingual "Mass for the Human Race," Missa gentis humanae by Ralf Yusuf Gawlick blends a traditional devotional liturgical text with passages from Borges, Virgil, Brecht, Dostoevsky, and more—in an eight-voice a cappella setting, recorded at the Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, by eight select musicians from the celebrated Choir of Trinity Wall Street, conducted by Julian Wachner. This work is a groundbreaking deconstruction and reassembling of the meaning of faith and its root in the past, its future illuminated through the world we live in today.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and various artists
Julian Wachner, conductor

Called "a sweeping social portrait of southern Italy" by The New York Times, Paola Prestini's opera Oceanic Verses was recorded with the DeCoda Ensemble and Trinity Choir under the direction of Julian Wachner. With a libretto by Donna Di Novelli and poetry culled by Paola Prestini, "Oceanic Verses" is a 60-minute meditation on fading civilizations. The exploration is led by an archaeologist, whose investigation into the "artifacts of song" carries her into a collision of the past and present.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street, Trinity Youth Chorus, NOVUS NY, and the Majestic Brass Quintet
Julian Wachner, conductor
Jessica Muirhead, soprano
Chris Burchett, baritone

In addition to his career as conductor and keyboardist, Julian Wachner enjoys an ever-increasing reputation as a fine composer in many genres, displaying a surety of technique and a wide emotional range that has been noted by critics and audiences alike. This 3-CD collection brings together Wachner's most important works for orchestra and voices from the early breakthrough Canticles to his monumental Symphony No. 1: Incantations and Lamentations and theatrically charged Regina Coeli, to his secular ghost-story oratorio Come, My Dark-Eyed One and jazzy, blues-infected Blue, Green, Red for trumpet and organ.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and Trinity Baroque Orchestra
Julian Wachner, conductor

Handel's colossal biblical oratorio comprises no less than twenty-eight massive double choruses, linked together by a few bars of recitative, with five arias and three duets interspersed among them. This GRAMMY®-nominated recording is a performance of the rarely heard or recorded 1756 version of the composition.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and NOVUS NY
Julian Wachner, conductor
Marguerite Krull, soprano
Stephen Salters, baritone

Composer Elena Ruehr draws inspiration from the rhythms of the language of poetry. Cricket, Spider, Bee, with text by Emily Dickinson, paints a naturalistic cycle in three movements. Gospel Cha Cha and In Time of Silver Rain both draw text from poems by Langston Hughes. Averno is an 11-part cantata based on poetry by Louise Glück. And Rain Down uses minimal text by Mary Ellen Solt, an American concrete poet. Soloists include Stephen Salters, baritone, for whom Ruehr wrote some of this music, and Marguerite Krull, soprano.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and Trinity Baroque Orchestra
Julian Wachner, conductor

Bach's seven motets represent the continuation of a long and distinguished tradition of vocal composition, dating back to the late medieval works of Dufay. They represent the apogee of the genre and are Bach's most demanding vocal works. The present recording is the first in a new series with the musical forces of Trinity Wall Street, conducted by Julian Wachner. It was released in observance of the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001.


The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and REBEL Baroque Orchestra
Owen Burdick, Jane Glover, conductors

Book-ending Haydn's celebrated string quartets and symphonies were masses: the first and last pieces penned by the deeply devout composer. These magnificent sacred works at once honored Viennese church traditions and displayed Haydn's unmistakable musical language.