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On Thursday, May 9, at 12 noon, Trinity will offer a special Eucharist celebrating Ascension Day and marking the consecration of the present-day church building in 1846.

The Trinity Choir and REBEL Baroque Ensemble, conducted by Dr. Owen Burdick, will perform the Great Organ Mass in E flat by Franz Josef Haydn. As announced last month, the guest preacher will be the Rev. Daniel P. Matthews, Jr., Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. Fr. Matthews is the son of

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As the landscape of ground zero changes, the debate crystallizes: many think it’s time to “move on,” many do not. Since September, a number of priests have counseled recovery workers, grieving families, and, most improbably, ensured a round-the-clock religious presence at ground zero’s morgue. On separate occasions, we asked three such priests their views on the notion of “closure.” –Eds.

The Rev. Mitties de Champlain

Trinity Church

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On Ascension Day, Sunday, May 9, the Rev. Daniel P. Matthews Jr. -- son of Dr. Daniel Paul Matthews, Trinty's rector, and Mrs. Diane Matthews -- will be our guest preacher at the 11:15 Eucharist. Fr. Matthews Jr. is Rector of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. He is a graduate of the University of the South and earned his M. Div. from the Virginia Theological Seminary.

He is President of the Standing Committee in the Diocese of East Tennessee.

On Tuesday, May 7, at 1:15pm , Trinity Bookstore will host the Rev. Peter J. Gomes , acclaimed author, scholar, and the man TIME magazine called one of the 7 greatest preachers in America, at a special reading and book signing of his brilliant new work, The Good Life: Truths That Last In Times Of Need. A timely guide through the issues and challenges we all face in reconnecting education and ethics, knowledge and virtue, advance praise for

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By Sally Cook Parsons, Special Correspondent

“Christians are odd creatures,” Archbishop Desmond Tutu told participants at Trinity’s Spiritual Formation Summit Thursday night, April 25. “They are told to pray, and they pray, and God does his stuff, and Christians are surprised.”

Christians prayed for an end to apartheid in South Africa, and “you are the reason it came about,” Tutu said. “Thank you.”

Tutu brought messages of God’s love and

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By Sally Cook Parsons, Special Correspondent

Joseph had many dreams. He dreamed of angels climbing a ladder to heaven and of the sun and stars bowing down to him. Major events of Jesus’ life were surrounded by dreams, and “the book of Revelation is certainly a vision,” says the Rev. Bob Haden.

Members of the early church honored dreams, and thought of them as a way God spoke to them, he says.

Haden, a Jungian pastoral counselor and priest, believes that

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By Sally Cook Parsons, Special Correspondent

"In your hands we rest... and own a providence as wide as the sea and sky... ready and content this day... ."

In a cottage on the forested grounds of Kanuga Conference Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Very Rev. Alan Jones opens a workshop with this prayer. The workshop theme is living with cancer, and gathered are some 30 participants. One by one, they share their stories and tell why they are there.

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By John Allen

Using melodies and images from Africa to illustrate his theme, one of the foremost experts on Desmond Tutu’s theology described to a workshop at the Spiritual Formation Summit a new, African “way of knowing humanity.”

The Rev. Dr. Michael Battle, Assistant Professor of Spirituality and Black Church Studies at the divinity school of Duke University, addressed about 30 participants on “The Spirituality of Ubuntu”.

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By Nathan Brockman

She was supposed to have died, but had switched with a colleague, and now the flight attendant pointed at the pit. “This is hell,” she said. It was very early in the morning and the woman, who smelled of alcohol and was drenched in tears, seemed beyond the comfort of the attentive priest at her side.

She had nothing to do with Trinity Institute, a conference for clergy and laity convening on April 5th at nearby Trinity Church, except that

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By Sally Cook Parsons, Special Correspondent to Trinity News

Spiritual leadership is about the kind of response we make out of our desire to have our spirit led by God’s spirit.

That means that anyone can be a spiritual leader, says the Rev. Tilden Edwards, who is executive director and founder of The Shalem Institute in Bethesda, Md. He is also an author and the advisor to the Trinity Grants’ Spiritual Formation and Development program.

Edwards spoke

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