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The World Trade Center attack left Trinity Wall Street, in the words of the Rector, Dr. Daniel P. Matthews, "reeling with the shock of what has hit us..." Disruption of Trinity's activities was so extensive that one priest described Trinity’s family as "displaced people". Nevertheless, ministry continued despite the lack of central co-ordination for the first few days.

Nathan Brockman reports on the experiences of the Rev. Lyndon Harris, associate responsible for ministry at St. Paul'

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By Nathan Brockman

When the first 110-storey tower of the World Trade Center fell on Tuesday September 11, some of Trinity Wall Street's clergy were leading an impromptu worship service in the church building around the corner.

As Father Stuart Hoke began to sing, there was a tremendous, crackling report. The lights in the broad, high-ceilinged nave flickered three times and went out, and the sandstone church shook.

Later reports confirmed that the first

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Trinity Church Wall Street has been worshipping on Sundays in downtown Manhattan for more than 300 years, and it wasn't going to allow the World Trade Center attack to prevent it having a Eucharist on Sunday September 16.

"We lived and worked in the shadow of the World Trade Center. Now we live and work in the shadow of the cross."

This was Father Samuel Johnson Howard's refrain during his sermon given in a moving service held at 3 pm Sunday September 16, at which the

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We needed to come together today. We needed to worship together today. We needed simply to be present with one another as the parish family of Trinity Church today. We needed to see the other faces, we needed to hear the other voices, we needed to be with our family here at Trinity Church.

We wanted to be as near to old Trinity Church as we could be and we worked hard the last couple of days trying to get either access to the church or permission to meet and worship at the

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When the first aircraft hit New York's World Trade Center during the morning rush-hour on Tuesday September 11, young children were arriving at Trinity Wall Street's pre-school, staff were on the streets around the center, and Archbishop Rowan Williams of Wales was preparing for a day's videotaping with Trinity Television.

The Rev. Dr. Daniel P. Matthews, rector of the Parish of Trinity Church, and a group of colleagues were in a meeting in the parish's office tower three blocks from

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The widespread disruption caused by the tragedy at the World Trade Center has also disrupted Trinity Wall Street's communications. As a temporary measure we will use this site as one of our means of communication.


Earlier today some Trinity staffers began to use Trinity's groupwise e-mail system to establish contact. Cellphones and Manhattan telephone numbers were, and still seem to be, inaccessible. However, now even the e-mail system appears to be down.


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Jerusalem--The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, has made an impassioned plea for Christians to strengthen their presence in the Holy Land, warning that the Christian community here is at risk of becoming a vanishing minority.

Dr Carey, the leader of the world-wide Anglican Communion, said he was "shocked and disturbed" at the violence and economic hardships in the region that are driving many Christians to flee the area.

Speaking in Jerusalem, Dr Carey called on the

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No one can deny the power of the right words spoken at the right time and in the right place. Such is the power of the words I have chosen as my text from Micah 6:8: 'He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.'

A Roman Catholic friend of mine recounted some years ago that, when he was a student in a South American country in the late Sixties, a priest colleague had been arrested

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Special prayers are being said in churches in both India and Pakistan as the leaders of the two nations prepare to meet at a crucial summit in India July 14-16.

India's prime minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, is scheduled to host Pakistan's president, General Pervez Musharraf, at the summit in Agra--the city of the Taj Mahal--in a bid to reduce tension between the two countries over the disputed territory of Kashmir and to discuss other bilateral matters. The summit meeting has been

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Archbishop Michael Peers, the ACC's primate, told delegates to the 36th triennial general synod who met here from 4 to 11 July, "We have come to a moment in history in which we may be facing the winding up of general synod." But, he assured them, "it is the structures that are at risk, not the essence of our [church's] life."

The ACC has been mired in litigation stemming from its administration in the early 20th century of residential schools for Aboriginal Canadians on behalf of the

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