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Pope John Paul II is to decide whether to canonize a 6th century intellectual, regarded as a person ahead of his time, report Luigi Sandri and Edmund Doogue of Ecumenical News International.

The Vatican is getting closer to naming St. Isidore of Seville as the patron saint of the Internet. The decision is being discussed as the Roman Catholic Church prepares a document on "ethics and the Internet".

The final decision on the patron saint will be made by Pope John Paul II, though

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Russian intellectuals are trying to revive an ideology that has fallen out of fashion, reports Ecumenical News International from Moscow.

A group of scientists and human rights activists has established the Moscow Society of Atheists in order to revive an ideology that has gone out of fashion here during a decade of post-communist life.

The society has been set up to defend Russia against what its members see as the threat of clericalism as religion, particularly as the

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It has not been our way to exclude those with whom we disagree, but for debate to be constructive there must be a basic trust and respect for one another, writes Canon Andrew Deuchar.

Celebrating the Anglican way

"The Anglican way should never be described merely in static terms. At its best it is like a growing plant, constantly pushing out new shoots in a variety of directions, but always relating back to the roots from which it springs."

Those words

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Getting irritable because you don't understand the Book of Revelation is "exactly missing the point", because it's meant to challenge our way of perceiving. Paul Ashdown reports for the Episcopal News Service.

The Book of Revelation has befuddled Christians for centuries because its vivid language and symbolic richness is intentionally disorienting, the 132nd bishop of London told some 140 participants at the annual Bowen Conference at Kanuga Conference Center in North Carolina.

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Hispanic Ministry in the Episcopal Church has not grown at the same rate as the population in the United States, says a group of concerned bishops. Their report, A Wake Up Call: Hispanic Ministry, Atlanta, April 16, 2001, Easter Monday, is here excerpted.

We, a group of bishops committed to the mission of the Church especially among Hispanic peoples in the USA, meeting in Atlanta on the day after the Easter Sunday, 2001, feel compelled to make the following declaration:


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We're living through an epoch of change as profound as the transition from the medieval world to the Renaissance, says the Rev. Canon Frank Martin Harron, II. But for the members of younger generations, this is not an academic topic, it's daily life. Is the church ready?

About an hour into the interview, the voice of the Gen-X Episcopal priest lowered and became more deliberate, as if he were taking me into a confidence.

He said that the starkest divide between his generation

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Exploring what the shift from modern to postmodern means for people's lives and the Church. The second of two-parts by the Rev Canon Frank Martin Harron, II.

One of the responses to my first article, "What Is Truth?" (TN, Vol. 47, No. 2) was an email from a 32-year-old (Gen-X) Episcopal priest. He told me that when he thought about that question, he drew a blank. For him the more relevant question was, "How does one live truthfully?" In follow-up email conversations we reached the

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Jane Goodall, animal researcher, author and activist, recently appeared on The Real Bottom Line, Trinity Television’s live forum in which leaders in society discuss how their personal values direct their public lives.

...[B]ecause chimps are so like us biologically and behaviorally, this is a way to help people understand that we are not separated from but are part of the animal kingdom... ...I believe there’s this great spiritual power which, because of the religion I was brought up

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