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by Jeremy Sierra

Trinity has been celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for more than 30 years. On Sunday, several generations once again considered Dr. King’s legacy at a forum following the 11:15am Eucharist. Eleven members of the Trinity youth group read quotes they had chosen from Dr. King’s

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Trinity Wall Street has celebrated the birthday of the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. since before the observance became a federal holiday in 1986. Trinity parishioners who were instrumental in organizing those early celebrations also created the Task Force Against Racism. Once again this year, the parish will focus on Dr. King’s passion, his work, and his legacy in Trinity’s Sunday worship services on January 19, with a forum for the Youth of the church, and with activities at Charlotte’s

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by Jeremy Sierra

On Saturday, parishioners came to Trinity from All Souls in Harlem and St. Mary’s, Mohegan Lake, to participate in the Diocese of New York’s Indaba program. 

Indaba comes from the Zulu word which means “gathering for purposeful discussion,” and is an initiative from Bishop Andrew Dietsche to

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by Jim Melchiorre    

The founder of a mentoring service for girls emerging from the commercial sex industry says society ignores such human trafficking because of the socio-economic status of its victims. 

“I think it’s because who is overwhelmingly impacted by the commercial sex industry are marginalized young people, low-income kids of color, homeless kids, LGBT kids,” Rachel Lloyd

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Brown Bag Family Service Day

This paper bag you’re holding could become someone’s lunch

bag. On Sunday, January 26 at 12:30pm, families are invited to

The Parish Hall (74 Trinity Place, 2nd floor) for parish hospitality and

a family ministry of

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Trinity Wall Street gave Wildcard Grants to four innovative organizations in 2013. The grants are one-time, $25,000 awards to support beyond-the-bell-curve programs that inspire transformation. These grants fall outside Trinity’s standard funding objectives, but are part of Trinity’s efforts to be a resource for innovators in the wider Church. 

Trinity began accepting nominations in April, 2013, and chose

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This article was originally published in the Summer 2013 issue of Anglican Theological Review, Volume 95, Number 3

by Marilyn Haskel, Jacob Slicther, and Clay Morris 

Commonality is typically defined as a function of habitual contact: family, friends, neighborhood, or denomination. What if there are other possibilities?

Built by Trinity Parish in 1766,

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In addition to the millions of people who pass through its doors every year, millions connect to Trinity electronically. Recently, Trinity upgraded its hardware and software and developed new media to make it easier for people to worship, learn, and more deeply engage with the Trinity community. 

Each year, more than 300,000 webcasts are viewed on the website. Trinity’s television department, which

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by Daniel Simons

Last week I pulled out my walking boots and set off on another journey with the same group of Trinity pilgrims who last year walked the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. This time we were making an urban pilgrimage in our own city, and we walked for a couple of late-autumn/early-winter hours up the greenway of the west side of upper

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Trinity joined the rest of the world in a period of mourning and remembrance after the passing of Nelson Mandela last week, South Africa’s first black president and a modern-day prophet. 

A picture of Mandela was placed by the votive candles in Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel, where visitors and congregants offered their prayers and thanksgivings for his life. 

Several priests from the Trinity community posted

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