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Imagine sitting in an Episcopal Eucharist for the first time. The congregation stands and starts going forward for communion. Do you go? Are you invited?  Officially, the Episcopal Church invites all baptized Christians to receive, but many congregations extend an invitation to all.Trinity Wall Street recorded interviews with two leading theological voices, the Rev. Dr. James Farwell and the Rev. Donald Schell, who approach the topic with respectful and well-thought-out differences. Read more
You are invited to make altar bread for Good Friday and Easter!
Even if you are not an experienced bread-baker, this recipe is for you – it is simple and requires no kneading.  
This prayerful exercise is also a great activity to do with children.
Once you've made your bread, bring it to the Trinity sacristy during any of the major Holy Week liturgies, and it will be consecrated for the Good Friday and / or Easter
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A letter to parish membership from the Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper, Rector of Trinity Wall Street, concerning Trinity’s filing a lawsuit in Delaware Federal District Court.

Dear Parish members,

As you know, Trinity Wall Street has long recognized that our considerable resources give us both a responsibility and an opportunity to engage constructively with businesses in which we invest where opportunities exist to enhance returns for both shareholders and society. 

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By Jeremy Sierra

Reading is a religious activity.

Put another way, if religion is composed of everything we create that brings us closer to one another and the truth and to God—music, for example, and liturgy, theology, and prayer books—then opening a great book is akin to a religious experience. The best books, the Bible included, give us a glimpse into other lives, a God’s-eye vision of reality.

George Saunders’ story collection, Tenth of December

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The Most Rev. Francisco Moreno, Primate of the Anglican Church of Mexico and Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Mexico, visited Trinity Wall Street in March. The Rev. Canon Alfonso Walls, Secretary General of the Anglican Church in Mexico, served as his translator. 

What is the relationship between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Mexico? 

Up until 1994, the Mexican Church was part of the Episcopal Church. We became an

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Most people think of Lower Manhattan as a center for business. However, between the skyscrapers and the storefronts, thirty-thousand students attend public schools south of 14th Street. 

In March, PENCIL, a nonprofit that connects business volunteers with public schools, launched the Downtown Initiative, a program designed to serve those students. It’s funded by Trinity Wall Street as part of its

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For more than four decades Trinity Institute has convened theologians both widely noted and newly emerging to help clergy and lay persons think theologically about the important topics of the day and to explore classical theology faithfully in light of new developments in science and culture, in order to support catalytic leadership in the church. In recent years these conferences and symposia have been webcast for participants at partner sites around the globe. Now Trinity is making

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To crown all things there must be love,
to bind all together and complete the whole.
-Blessing from a  Service for Valentine’s Day 

Although the origins of Valentine’s Day are a somewhat murky, for many it is a day to celebrate

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by the Rev. Emily Wachner

In 2010, columnist and activist Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller began the It Gets Better Project, an attempt to reach out to at-risk LGBTQ youth, as a response to the high rate of suicides in that group. Dan felt he had to do something to give hope to young LGBTQ kids, who might otherwise believe they were destined to a lifetime of bullying and second-class citizenship. The effort exploded and millions of Americans, including

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by Jeremy Sierra

Sixty years ago, William Norgren and John Moody were ordained into the priesthood. On a recent Sunday, they celebrated the anniversary of their ministries, and the Eucharist, together in Trinity Church. After six decades of service, they shared a little of what they’ve learned through the years.  

The Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee, Vicar

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