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The Parish of Trinity Church is in the midst of a comprehensive evaluation of what forms of ministry need to be developed in response to the devastating loss of life and destruction in the downtown Manhattan community.

The evaluation is taking place as the Parish experiences a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to Trinity Church and the nearby St. Paul’s Chapel, which have become places of spiritual pilgrimage to many of those who come to view the World Trade Center site.

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More than 200 years ago, a newly inaugurated George Washington kneeled at St. Paul’s Chapel to give thanks to God. On Thursday, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani visited St. Paul’s to give thanks to New York, and to say goodbye to the office that was his for eight years. The Mayor’s political associates, leaders of Trinity Church, the mother church of St. Paul’s, and members of the press filled the wooden pews of this American-ancient, built in 1766.

The mayor spoke of the chapel’s “

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It’s Christmas. At Ground zero. It has really only been one day since September 11th, but it’s been 2770 hours long. But today is a new day. And this night is different from all the rest—even here. Ssshhhhh. Be very quiet and you can hear the sacredness of this moment. Listen and you can hear the brush of angels’ wings flying around this chapel. They’re Saint Paul’s Angels. They bring messages from children around the world,children who want to say “Thank you for helping all the people—and

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Welcome to St. Paul’s Chapel, to this place the mayor at Yankee Stadium called a miracle. This chapel continues to be a miracle, as it bespeaks the words, prayers, and affections of people from all over the world.

Pretend something like this happened for a moment: The angel got back to heaven and rushed up to God and said, “I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news.”

And God said, “Well, give me the good news first.”

“The good news is,” said the angel, “mission

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You don't know what you've got until it's almost gone.

Trinity Church’s annual Messiah performance--the country's oldest, first performed here in 1770, had been cancelled. After the attack on the World Trade Center, just up the street from the church, many wondered whether or not to bring the event back. But the disruption caused by the attacks--physical displacement, emotional weariness, and budgetary concerns, kept the Messiah at bay.

But WQXR, the classical-music radio

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The two-part formula for establishing a first-hand connection to ground zero seems to be this: leave something behind -- flowers, photographs, a signature on a canvas, tears. Then take something with you, however small.

There has been ample evidence for the first part ever since the sidewalk outside St. Paul's Chapel on Broadway was opened to the public. St. Paul's, over the street from the World Trade Center site, has become the premier viewing site for the ruins of the Center.

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On Sunday, December 16th, Trinity Church will host a performance of Handel's Messiah. The church was closed for seven weeks in the wake of the World Trade Center attacks, and, on September 11, sheltered about 25 people from the debris of collapsing towers.

As the public gets closer to ground zero, as ground zero's rubble is slowly picked away, the adjectives paired with Lower Manhattan are increasingly religious in nature. Those weeping on the corner of Broadway and Fulton Streets,

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Church leaders in Romania have condemned government plans for a 120-hectare Dracula Park to encourage tourist interest in Transylvania's legendary vampire.

"The Dracula myth has nothing to do with the Romanian people or its history," said Costel Stoica, spokesman for the Romanian Orthodox Church's Bucharest patriarchate. "It gives a false image of our country, deriving from an Irish writer's fantasy."

The Orthodox priest was reacting to a vote on 19 November by Romania's senate

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More than a month after an attack on a Christian church left 16 people dead, Pakistan's government still hasn't solved the killings, according to church leaders here.

"Government officials just keep saying they are working on it, yet no one has been arrested as far as we know. We think they know who did it, and announcing an arrest would be a big step forward," Victor Azariah, the general secretary of the National Council of Churches of Pakistan, told ENI.

Unidentified gunmen

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Steeplejacks have been dancing on ropes hanging from Trinity's spire and jeeps mounted with telescopic booms have been pulled into the aisles as a comprehensive cleanup of the church gets under way.

On September 11, a thick layer of dust and debris from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers settled on Trinity's sandstone skin and swirled through windows and ventilation shafts into the nave.

Pews and floors were cleaned in the normal way for the reopening of the church

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