Congregational Arts

The diversity of Music and the Arts at Trinity Wall Street is expressed through the individuals who contribute their talents throughout the community. The Congregational Arts Committee celebrates artistic gifts, as both novices and accomplished artists participate together in classes, dance, theater, poetry, and other events, providing theological insights on spiritual, social, and moral issues. Events and performances take place throughout Lower Manhattan at Trinity Church, St. Paul's Chapel, and the Parish Center. The three sub-committees of Congregational Arts—Lively Arts (including the Trinity Movement Choir and poetry), Allegro (music), and Visual Arts—all serve a vital mission of galvanizing the downtown community through the arts.


To get involved, please email the contacts provided below and state your interest.

Congregational Arts Committee Chair

Deborah Hope:

Lively Arts Chair (Movement Choir, Theater, Poetry)


Allegro Chair (Music)

Deborah Hope:

Visual Arts Chair



Family Choir

The Family Choir was originally founded by Dr. Larry King, organist and music director at Trinity from 1968 to 1989. King sought to engage anyone in the congregation who had a desire to sing. The tradition has carried to today.

The Family Choir of Trinity Church is made up of a group of community singers who come together on a regular basis for music making, performance opportunities, fellowship, and creative renewal. Under the direction of Thomas McCargar, the Family Choir sings at Sunday morning services monthly and is open to all, regardless of age or musical experience. No auditions or long-term commitment is required. Join the Family Choir anytime by coming to a rehearsal and Sunday services to enjoy community-centered music making!

For more information, please contact Thomas McCargar at