TI2016 Commitments

"Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world." —Nelson Mandela
It was a joy to be together at the 2016 Trinity Institute conference, in person and at partner sites, to reflect on how God is calling us to respond to racial injustice.  Now that some months have passed, it is a good time to check in. This is your space to share your racial justice commitments with the Trinity Institute community. Just write them in the comments section below—for help holding yourself accountable, to encourage others, and to share creative possibilities. Blessings on you for your perseverance and commitment to action.
How are you doing on your personal commitments? Your church and organizational commitments? What kind of support do you need?
  • I commit to incorporate attention to racial justice into all the church activities I plan.
  • I commit to speak up whenever I find myself in a conversation that reinforces racial stereotypes.
  • I commit to interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline by mentoring a school-age child.
  • I commit to publish one article on spirituality and racial justice by summer.
—Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones, Trinity Wall Street