Host a Partner Site

Conference registration is closed. See if there is a partner site near you.


Becoming a Partner Site is a great way to bring Trinity Institute’s world-class speakers to your local community to engage in discussion about social action, core values, and partnership.

As a Partner Site, you can live stream the conference from Friday, February 2 through Saturday, February 3, 2018.

You also have the option to play video of the keynote addresses and panel discussions on-demand, at your convenience. Want to feature a specific speaker or panel for a standalone event at a later date? Go right ahead!

Additionally, Trinity Institute provides Partner Sites with supplementary materials so you can host your own response and conversation.



The only technical elements required to host the conference as a Partner Site are a web connection, projection capability, and speakers.

Trinity Institute provides full technical support before and during the conference, including the facilitation of a test webcast if you’re planning to live stream.

Other than technical equipment, you’ll also need a meeting space and volunteers who can facilitate response and conversation. (Guidelines and an instructional video for facilitators will be provided.)


Pick Your Fee

Pay the full price of $300 (the cost to provide TI2018) or a discounted rate of $100. Either fee grants complete conference access.


Encouraging Attendance

Want to make sure people attend your screening? The Trinity Institute promotion toolkit includes template advertisements, press releases, posters, and other materials that will help you promote Trinity Institute 2018: Values in Action to your community. Registered Partner Sites will receive the promotion toolkit in October.

Typically, it is best to start promoting the conference a few months before you plan to host it. Partner Sites may charge for attendance to offset the costs of presenting the conference.


Ready to Host?

Ready to host? First, check to see if there is already a Partner Site in your area. If there is already a Partner Site nearby, you may wish to propose a collaboration because having multiple Partner Sites in close proximity can make it harder to maximize attendance.

If there isn’t already a Partner Site near you, register now to become a Partner Site.