Mission and Service Trips

Mission and Service

"So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are citizens with the saints and also members of the household of God." —Ephesians 2:19

Want to make a difference? Want to participate in an activity that can create true and lasting change?  Consider applying to participate in an upcoming trip to visit Trinity's mission partners. Members of the Trinity Church Wall Street community and friends engage in service to build partnerships and relationships through hands-on-work in New York City, New Orleans, Haiti, Panama and Burundi.

Mission & Service Trips encourage participants to share their skills and talents as they walk alongside with mission partners. The trips deepen relationships, foster better understanding of the communities served, and create connections with members of these communities for mutual transformation.

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2018 Mission Trips


March 20-26, 2018
Deadline for application: Wednesday, February 21
Commissioning: Sunday, March 18

Through Trinity's partnership with the Diocese of Panama, we have completed numerous projects that include construction, painting, dentistry, and renovation work. Trinity has formed strong ties with El Hogar de Niñas (The Girls Home), a facility that houses 27 girls and is run by the Episcopal Church of Panama. This partnership encourages connection and shared knowledge between local churches, priests and community members.

This year we will work with a local church community on a painting project and practice English at the Girls’ Home through games and hands-on activities.



May 23-28, 2018
Deadline for application: Monday, April 23
Commissioning: Sunday, May 20

Trinity and the Navajoland Area Mission has established a new mission partnership. Over the course of this partnership, mission groups will walk alongside our Navajo mission partner to shape a program that supports women recovering from alcoholism and their children, an issue that deeply affected their community. Groups will also assist the community in their effort to discern and identify their own Core Values.

On this first mission trip, participants will get to know one another, assist with the final touches of the building that will house a Wellness Center for women with a focus on alcohol abuse and recovery, and brainstorm on the daily activities for the center.


New York City

June 22 - July 20, 2018 (June 22, 29, July 13, 20 - Fridays Only)
Deadline for application: Friday, June 8
Commissioning: Sunday, June 10

Trinity's partner in New York City is Hour Children, an organization that works with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children. The Trinity community have collaborated on numerous projects including sponsoring regular music lessons and an annual children’s summer music camp, volunteering with the Hour Children Thrift Stores, and facilitating job skills workshops for the women. This partnership provides both job-readiness skills as well as promotes the self-confidence of its participants.

This year up to 15 women are expected to participate in various job skills workshops including teaching communication and social networking skills, managing professional relationships, social etiquette, and much more.


New Orleans

July 19-23, 2018
Deadline for application: Wednesday, June 6
Commissioning: Sunday, July 15

Trinity's work in New Orleans began in 2007 rebuilding houses and neighborhoods after Hurricane Katrina. Our work has since expanded to summer music camps, opening a computer room, organizing a library, offering career building workshops and planting trees in the Louisiana Bayou. Especially important is the tremendous growth at St. Mark’s Church in Harvey, both in the church membership and its outreach to the community since our first visit three years ago.

This year, in collaboration with members of St. Mark’s Church in Harvey, participants will begin a community garden and assist with some construction work around the church building.



August 1-13, 2018
Deadline for application: Tuesday, May 29
Commissioning: Sunday, July 29

Partnering and working primarily in the Diocese of Matana, participants have helped with the construction of a church, offered the Godly Play training to more than 40 Sunday school teachers and built thirteen houses for underprivileged families. This partnership, also supports the church with its ministry of reconciliation after the long civil war.

This year, participants will engage with the Matana community to assist with the construction of their new cathedral.



October 10-15. 2018
Deadline for application: Monday, August 20
Commissioning: Sunday, October 7

Partnering with the Diocese of Haiti, working primarily in the northern region of Haiti, mission trip members have helped with the construction of an altar, installed new ceramic tiles at the sanctuary of Christ the King Church, provided dentistry along with two Haitian dentists, built a drying platform in a fishery community, and last year, together with a local priest, community members and 80 students, started a small agriculture project. This partnership promotes self-confidence and stewardship.

This year participants will work to offer financial and cooperative guidance to local leaders and complete numerous projects, including construction, painting and dentistry.


To apply, please download the application and send the completed form to Maggy Laraque by mail, email, or fax:

Trinity Wall Street, c/o Maggy Laraque
120 Broadway, 38th Floor
New York, New York 10271
212.602.0709 - 212.602.0717 (fax)

Members of the congregation and staff are encouraged to apply. Significant others and family members who are not members of the congregation and staff can also apply, but are not eligible for a scholarship. Priority is given to congregation members, staff, and their children. Friends of Trinity Wall Street or non-members must have a Trinity Wall Street sponsor or have attended services at Trinity.