Congregational Ministries

The Congregational Council meets at 6pm, the third Tuesday of each month, in St. Paul's Chapel. 

Below are the names of standing committees, subcommittees, and their leaders. To learn more about the group and how you can get involved, please email a committee chairperson.


Congregational Council

Keith Klein, President
Felicia Eve, Vice President
Deborah Hope, Secretary

RSVP: Summerlee Staten:


Arts Standing Committee

Deborah Hope, Chairperson


Deborah Hope, Chairperson

Visual Arts

Charles Jamison and Marc McQuade, Chairpersons

Lively Arts

Pamela Mosley, Chairperson


Community & Hospitality Standing Committee

Kevin Grant, Co-Chair
Barbara Inniss, Co-Chair

New Beginnings

Mildred Chandler and Cynthia Moten, Co-Chairpersons


Luciana Sikula, Chairperson

Small Group Ministries

Kevin Grant, Chairperson

Knitting & Crochet Fellowship

Katie Basquin, Janet MacMillan, and Dolores Osborne, Co-Chairpersons

Young Adults Group

Alan Yu and Marie Heimann, Co-Chairpersons

Wine & Cheese Gatherings

Maribel Ruiz, Chairperson

Sunday Suppers

Keith Klein, Chairperson

Trinity Church Coffee Hour

Barbara Inniss, Chairperson

New Projects & Partnerships

Barbara Inniss, Chairperson

Parish Celebrations

Lonny Shockley and Barbara Inniss, Co-Chairpersons


Education Standing Committee

William Clark, Chairperson

Online Ministry

Keith Klein, Chairperson

Parish Library

Nola Mayers, Chairperson

Sunday School

Susan Ward, Chairperson

Discovery Program

Janet MacMillan, Chairperson

Discovery for Families

Keith Klein, Chairperson

Education for Ministry (on hiatus)

Youth Faith Formation

Mutsa Tunduwani, Chairperson

Congregational Academy for Sustainable Leadership

Toni Foy and Deborah Hope, Co-Chairpersons

Commitment to Discipleship

TBD, Co-Chairpersons

Membership Standing Committee

Felicia Eve, Chair


William Clarke, Chairperson


Lorna Nembhard, Chairperson


Felicia Eve, Chairperson

St. Paul’s Chapel Coffee Hour

Amy Roy, Chairperson

Membership Advancement

TBD, Chairperson


Witness & Outreach Standing Committee

David Ward, Chairperson

Task Force Against Racism

Gabriel Bonadie, Toni Foy, Roz Hall, and Selvena Mosley, Co-Chairpersons

Prison Ministry

Toni Foy and Roz Hall, Co-Chairpersons

Community Outreach

Sharon Hardy, Chairperson


Lorna Bruce, Chairperson

Lenten Meditations

Emory Edwards, Chairperson

Engagement Programs

TBD, Chairperson