The congregation of Trinity Church Wall Street communicates with each other through two online platforms: the City and Basecamp.



Basecamp is used primarily by members of the Congregational Council, which is responsible for the mission and outreach of the congregation, as well as its committees and subcommittees, for discussion, announcements, and the distribution of materials and minutes for meetings. For information about Basecamp, contact Susan Suliman at ssuliman@trinitywallstreet.org. If you are already a member of Basecamp, login here.


The City

The City is a social media platform used to by parishioners as a space for discussion, distributing announcements, and engaging in the daily life and ministry of the congregation. We invite you to become part of The City by contacting Lynn Goswick at lgoswick@trinitywallstreet.org or 212.602.9635. If you’re already a member of The City, login here.