Pilgrimage is an approach to life that is grounded in the Now and moves along an open-hearted journey of transformation. It is profoundly hopeful living. 

Pilgrimage is cultivated in incremental, ordinary steps—and sometimes in a literal, momentous journey that helps body and soul realize and integrate pilgrimage's rhythms and processes. 

Pilgrimage trains the eye of the soul to see God daily, everywhere, in all things. Participate in one of the upcoming Trinity Pilgrimages (or set out on your own!) and discover your self and the Divine presence in a whole new way.

"Pilgrim, there is no path -
Paths are made by walking."

- Antonio Machado

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On the Pilgrim’s Way: A Pilgrimage Along the Canterbury Trail
June 17 - 27, 2017

Journey for several days along the ancient path known as “The Pilgrims’ Way” from Winchester to Canterbury, pausing at historic pilgrimage stops along the way. In Canterbury we will be hosted by the dean of the cathedral and will explore the ancient stone foundations and living history of Christianity and Anglicanism in Britain. (Note: travel is by coach, but there will be options to walk the actual Canterbury trail both before and during the pilgrimage.) Learn more.


Listen, Learn, Change: A Pilgrimage to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, ND
August 2017

Trinity children, youth, and adults are invited to join Trinity’s pilgrimage to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, a journey that will expose travelers to life in a place and culture far different than their own. Learn more.


Fresh Springs from Ancient Tradition: A Pilgrimage to Christian Ethiopia
January 15-23, 2018

Plunge in to what is perhaps the oldest and best-preserved treasury of Christian culture in the world by participating with tens of thousands of local pilgrims in the festival of Timkat (Epiphany). We will explore in depth the overwhelming richness of the Ethiopian Christian heritage through sumptuous liturgy, rock-hewn churches, ancient monasteries, and exuberant spiritual culture. This truly cross-cultural experience is immersive, spiritually profound, and certainly once-in-a-lifetime!

Watch a video of the information session here. To sign up for further updates, please email pilgrimages@trinitywallstreet.org. Learn more.


The Heart of Mary: A Pilgrimage to Shrines of the Black Madonna
May 2018

This pilgrimage will explore sites long associated with Mary and with Mary Magdalene, often expressed in the popular “Black Madonna” shrines of southern France. We will also interact with the living stewards of these shrines, the Roma (“Gypsy”) culture. This pilgrimage will intentionally focus on the “soul’s journey” as well as our outer travel, and will nourish the more feminine and earthy aspects of our spirituality, which have traditionally been excluded from official/authorized religious expression. Learn more.


Living Stones: A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Lent 2019

This is Trinity’s fourth pilgrimage to what is considered the “Center of the Earth” by so many past and present pilgrims. We will dwell in familiar biblical places—Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem, and experience their powerful texture afresh as we reflect on Jesus’ life and ministry in these long-hallowed places. We will also have rich opportunities to experience the “Living Stones”—what the people of the 3 biblical faiths call themselves—who have lived together on holy ground with difficulty, courage, and resilience for more than a thousand years.

This pilgrimage is under development and will be further announced in Spring, 2018. To sign up for updates on this pilgrimage please email pilgrimages@trinitywallstreet.org


To find out more, contact the Rev. Daniel Simons at 347.601.9612 or dsimons@trinitywallstreet.org.

Learn about the 2016 pilgrimage to Iona, Scotland here, the 2015 pilgrimage to the Holy Land here, and the 2012 pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela here.