Pilgrimage is an approach to life that is grounded in the now and moves along an open-hearted journey of transformation. It is profoundly hopeful living. 

Pilgrimage is cultivated in incremental, ordinary steps—and sometimes in a literal, momentous journey that helps body and soul realize and integrate pilgrimage's rhythms and processes. 

Pilgrimage trains the eye of the soul to see God daily, everywhere, in all things. Participate in the next Trinity Pilgrimage—or set out on your own—and discover yourself and the Divine presence in a whole new way.

"Pilgrim, there is no path—Paths are made by walking." —Antonio Machado



How to Travel Like a Pilgrim


Turn any journey into a pilgrimage with these five tips from recent Trinity pilgrims.


Upcoming Pilgrimage

The Heart of Mary: A Pilgrimage to Shrines of the Black Madonna
Dates TBD

This pilgrimage will explore sites long associated with Mary and with Mary Magdalene, often expressed in the popular “Black Madonna” shrines of southern France. We will also interact with the living stewards of these shrines, the Roma (“Gypsy”) culture. This pilgrimage will intentionally focus on the “soul’s journey” as well as our outer travel and will nourish the more feminine and earthy aspects of our spirituality, which have traditionally been excluded from official/authorized religious expression. Learn more.

Learn more about the 2019 Trinity pilgrimage to the Holy Land.