Ethiopia Pilgrimage

Fresh Springs from Ancient Tradition: A Pilgrimage to Christian Ethiopia

January 15–23, 2018
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Ethiopia holds some of the world’s oldest and richest living Christian tradition. It was an early destination of the first Christian missionaries, and as the only un-colonized region in Africa it developed an enduring and undisturbed indigenous ritual practice. The feeling of stepping back many centuries is palpable and sometimes overwhelming.

Pilgrimage is a staple of the Ethiopian church. Many sacred cities and sites are visited by tens of thousands of Ethiopian pilgrims each year. This is most prominent during the feast of the Epiphany (“Timkat”), when outdoor liturgies and popular devotions overwhelm these cities and sites in color, song and celebration.

Our pilgrimage will plunge us into this rich environment, immersing us in a lively faith that is known both for its humble affection and lofty splendor.  We will visit the ancient pilgrimage cities of Lalibela, Axum, and Gondor, as well as some of the more important remote monasteries that give Ethiopian Christianity its texture and definition.

This is a transformational journey of the heart as well. Ethiopian hospitality is irresistibly warm, and their religious devotion contains a joy that is infectious! We’ll travel to the ‘end of the earth’ to meet sisters and brothers who practice our shared faith in ways that will be at times familiar and sometimes vividly different. As with all pilgrimage travel, we will inevitably come back changed. 

Pilgrimage is a powerful frame that is helping more and more people bring awareness to their lives, reawakening a daily and lively experience of God, and giving them a sense of direction. View the brochure to learn more about how you can be part of this journey, and connect more deeply to your own. 

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