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  1. When the mighty crescendo of the first cascading trade-center tower began, the music stopped. Trinity's organ has not been pl
  2. The pipes have arrived in St. Paul's Chapel and Noack's organ builders have begun installing the metal and wooden cylinders in the organ. The organ case has already been assembled , and soon they...
  3. Music is both a tradition and a ministry at Trinity Church Wall Street so the two-year period of rejuvenation of the church nave will include the first completely new organ since the current church building was completed in 1846. Choosing, building, testing, and installing a new pipe organ are complex tasks, as Julian Wachner, Trinity’s Director of Music and the Arts explains in this video segment, and the benefits to Trinity’s neighborhood will continue for decades.
  4. A new, state-of-the art digital organ will make its highly-anticipated debut at Trinity Church on March 30 with an afternoon
  5. Trinity affirms its long-term commitment to its "virtual pipe organ."
  6. Trinity's new, state-of-the-art digital organ, a long-term but temporary replacement for the pipe organ damaged two years ago
  7. Once silenced, the organ in St. Paul's Chapel is being featured in a new concert series.
  8. Trinity Wall Street announces its third annual summer concert series featuring performances on its Marshall & Ogletree American Classic virtual pipe organ.
  9. Links to various coverage of Trinity’s new organ.
  10. This week, workers from Noack Organ Co. of Georgetown, Massachusetts, began installing St. Paul’s "new-to-us" organ. The progress has been swift. In 48 hours, the 1802 case from St. Paul’s first...