Social Justice Overview
Social Justice Overview

Social Justice Overview

Social Justice is one of our core values and is foundational to our mission to build neighborhoods, generations of faithful leadership, and financial capacity. Our neighborhood is New York City, including members of our congregation, those who live and work in the city, and the millions of visitors we welcome each year. Together, we aim to break the cycles of mass incarceration, mass homelessness, and housing instability in New York City. We do this through our direct outreach work, our advocacy, speaking in the pulpit and in public, and through our philanthropy. We actively seek to transform our neighborhood by changing systems, organizational structures, and attitudes for racial justice and lasting change.

Join us to protect the vulnerable and stand for justice.


Get Involved

As part of our commitment to protecting the vulnerable and striving for justice, we invite all community members, neighbors, and partners to join us as we stand with the oppressed and work for justice.  Learn about upcoming actions and events.

Racial Justice

Our Racial Justice strategic initiative is committed to dismantling racism by ending mass incarceration as we build up our neighborhood of New York City. We advocate for justice by amplifying the voices of those who are not heard, by speaking in the pulpit and in public, and by providing support to organizations that confront injustice, racism, and inequality.  Learn more about ways to get involved in racial justice with Trinity.

Food and Housing Help

Trinity’s Brown Bag Lunch Ministry offers food assistance seven days a week at St. Paul’s Chapel and connects guests with other resources and benefits. Brown Bag serves an average of 600 meals weekly and hosts volunteers from Trinity’s congregation, staff, and community partners. We also host workshops on related topics like legal and housing issues.  Learn more about our food and housing support.

School Partnerships

Trinity has an active partnership with Leadership and Public Service High School, a neighboring small public school with a focus on restorative justice, the humanities, and business. Recent programs include Keep It Reel, a filmmaking project and film festival for neighborhood high school kids; Careers in Construction, a mentorship program between students and contractors working on the rejuvenation of Trinity Church and Trinity Commons; and "What Do You Bring to the Table?", a mural designed by art students based on "The Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci. We also offer music education to 400 students across New York City.  Learn more about our work with local schools.

Congregational Outreach

Trinity's Witness and Outreach Committees lead a number of ministries within our congregation, including the Task Force Against Racism, Prison Ministry, Environmental Justice, LGBTQ Concerns Group, and more. Some of these groups have been active for decades and have longstanding relationships with incarcerated people and their families, local nonprofits, and artists.  Connect with these committtees to learn more.


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