All Our Children

As a supporter of public education for more than three hundred years, Trinity believes that public schools are community institutions that flourish only with community support. Accordingly, it is our responsibility not to blame others for the crisis in public schools, or to ask someone else to do the work, but to take active roles in supporting our community schools and the education of all our children. In keeping with the spirit of the New York Education Reform Commission report, please join us to ensure every child has access to a quality education.
Trinity Wall Street’s community is mobilized to provide resources for schools in Lower Manhattan:
  • Trinity provided school supplies to thousands of public school students through its "Totes for Teachers" program.
  • Trinity offers a free program of music education to schools and community organizations.
  • Trinity has a unique program that teaches public high school students change-ringing on the twelve bells in Trinity's tower. This provides not only a good cardiovascular workout, but also real-world experience of math in action.
  • Trinity also provides tutoring for Regents exams, reading for elementary school children, and other extra-curricular support.
These kind of replicable activities and resources are vital to support children's education.