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On Climate Change, It’s Up to Us to Do Something


“Growing up in Trinity... it just made perfectly clear sense to me that I had to be one of the people to take up this fight.” Azalea Danes, Trinity parishioner and youth organizer, shares how Trinity Church Wall Street’s community of faith is foundational to her climate activism. She references Trinity’s 2015 mission trip to Standing Rock as a formative experience that sparked her passion to fight for climate justice.


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During this season of Lent—a time to engage with our own mortality, practice self-examination, and spend time with God—Christians around the world meditate on Jesus’ journey from life to death and from death to resurrection. We wrestle and sit with questions that followers of Christ have been asking since antiquity: what does it mean to follow Jesus, really? And how might we be falling short of that?

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I’ve always wrestled with the story of the prodigal son. I think it’s because I always saw this as one of the most definitively human stories the Bible offers: humankind’s return from exile. The son, we are told, went to a far-off country and spent all he had. This parable invites us to embody this unique human condition as we begin our approach to God.

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Like the Parable of the Barren Fig Tree, we sometimes need manure so that we can bear fruit again. Many times, we can’t see our own bubbles, the structures and patterns in which we have enclosed ourselves until someone else shows us.  For these and many other reasons, we exist within communities. We can help each other, even when we can’t see that we need help. 

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I often think about all the people who have made a positive impact on the world through their words, actions, courage, and big hearts. I think about how they started their journeys alone or with a few people who believed in their vision. I think about how their journeys remained difficult, but they continued to move forward on their paths to spread peace, love, equality, and justice to the people around them.

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Throughout my life, the Lord has led me from fear, confusion, drug addiction, and jail. The Lord led me out of homelessness and into housing, from being lost spiritually to the salvation I have found at Trinity’s 12:05 service. God led me from devious people to priests, sisters, and humanitarians. The blessings the Lord bestows on me are endless.

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When I first started the Brown Bag Lunch Assistant role, I remember that a volunteer, Bill Patrikos, mentioned to me that “hunger doesn’t take a holiday.” Those five words have continuously echoed in my head during my time at Trinity. The impact, the pain, and the stories that are contained in these words remind us that we are all human. Imagine with me—that intense feeling of hunger or feeling unsafe, wondering “when am I getting home?” For many people that moment is every day; it’s their Read more

“What is happening on the ground with people? I want to help, but I don’t know where to start…” This is a common lament I hear here at Trinity. At the same time, the Brown Bag Lunch staff encounters the daily challenges that many of our neighbors deal with – difficult issues created by a lack of resources. How can we bridge this gap?

Brown Bag Lunch Volunteer at St. Paul's Chapel

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During one of the first Friday afternoon spiritual formation sessions for Episcopal Service Corps Fellows I sat on a deep and cozy couch sharing pizza with my roommates. As we ate together, we discussed food justice, the ways in which working to combat food insecurity is sacred, and the sites of food justice work as sacred ground. Even in that early time in my year as a fellow I knew that to be true of the work of the Brown Bag Ministry program at Trinity and my experience there, but as the Read more