18th Rector

Officially becoming the rector of Trinity Wall Street is a two-step process. After the Rev. Dr. James Herbert Cooper, 17th Rector, retires on February 15, the Rev. Dr. William Lupfer will first be inducted and later instituted as the 18th Rector of Trinity Wall Street

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This is the full text of the interview with Trinity Wall Street’s Rector-Elect, the Rev. Dr. Bill Lupfer, who spoke with Senior Video Producer Jim Melchiorre on June 30, 2014 at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland where Dr. Lupfer had served as Dean for eleven years.

You mention that you like to talk about your congregation here in Portland. So tell me about the

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If you have questions on the Rector transition that are not addressed in this document please email them to Nathan Brockman: nbrockman@trinitywallstreet.org.

Who is the next Rector?

Trinity’s 18th Rector is the Very Rev. Dr. William Lupfer. Dr. Lupfer is currently serving as the Dean of Trinity Cathedral

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