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A depiction of the original Trinity Church building

On March 13th, 1698, the first service was held in the original Trinity Church building. Construction wasn't completely finished, but the building committee minutes instruct that the church is to "be cleared and put in the best posture they can

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Recent measles outbreaks across the country led to a February 13 New York Times report on the history of religious exemptions from vaccinations: the state of New York permits such exemptions. The issue is also part of the history of Trinity Wall Street, and what the church did to combat small pox in the early 19th century. You can read
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“And it was a most Masterly stroke of Art

To give Fizle a Room to Act his part;

For a Fizle Restrain’d will bounce like a F---t, 

But when it Escapes from Canonical Hose

And fly’s in your Face, as it’s odds it does,

That a Man should be hang’d for stopping his Nose, 

Long Kept under Hatches, ‘twill force a Vent

In the Shape

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