Evensong in All Saints Chapel

Evensong is a version of Evening Prayer in which most of the service is chanted or sung. Evening Prayer, which is found in the Book of Common Prayer, is a service from the Daily Office (a daily liturgy) said in the late afternoon or early

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Trinity Wall Street celebrated 40 years of women's ordination in the Episcopal Church with an Evensong on Sunday November 9. 

“This is a love story,” said the Rev. Anita Schell, recalling her time at Trinity in a reflection during the service. Schell was the female priest to be ordained at Trinity and the first woman to serve as a full-time member of the clergy on staff.

“There were challenges as a woman,” she said before the service. “

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If you’re looking for a way to bring more music and reflection into your life this autumn, Trinity has just what you need.

On Wednesday, Bach at One returns to St. Paul’s Chapel at 1pm. The Trinity Baroque Orchestra and the Choir of Trinity Wall Street continue their tour through all of Bach’s 200 cantatas at this liturgical event that everyone will enjoy.

On Wednesday evening,

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