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A depiction of the original Trinity Church building

On March 13th, 1698, the first service was held in the original Trinity Church building. Construction wasn't completely finished, but the building committee minutes instruct that the church is to "be cleared and put in the best posture they can

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By Anne Petrimoulx, Archivist

On June 11th, Trinity’s Vestry called the Very Rev. Dr. William Lupfer as the 18th rector of Trinity Church. By all accounts, the process went smoothly. And usually, it does. Though Trinity has only had 17, going on 18, rectors across its 317-year history (that’s an average 18.6 years per rector, for those keeping track), setbacks have occurred.

The very first person called to be rector of Trinity church was

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“And it was a most Masterly stroke of Art

To give Fizle a Room to Act his part;

For a Fizle Restrain’d will bounce like a F---t, 

But when it Escapes from Canonical Hose

And fly’s in your Face, as it’s odds it does,

That a Man should be hang’d for stopping his Nose, 

Long Kept under Hatches, ‘twill force a Vent

In the Shape

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