The Bridge

A groundbreaking interfaith exhibition of premier and emerging visual artists
January 20–February 28, 2016
St. Paul’s Chapel


The Bridge is an East-West travelling art exhibition organized and curated by CARAVAN, an interreligious and intercultural peacebuilding NGO. It showcases the work of 47 premier contemporary visual artists from 15 countries. Each artist has submitted one original work (created specifically for the exhibition) addressing the theme. The Bridge is an unparalleled gathering of international artists focusing on what they hold in common through their cultures and creeds: Christian, Muslim, and Jewish.

Trinity Church has a long history of being a meeting place of ideas, cultures, and traditions. St. Paul’s Chapel is the oldest surviving church building in Manhattan and has been a place of worship since 1766. On this site our Christian church has welcomed, among its community of friends, people of a wide variety of faiths and of no explicit faith. Our longstanding welcome and interfaith work aim to demonstrate the importance of not only cherishing our own tradition but seeing how it can resonate and be refined by dialogue with other traditions. It means recognizing the historic complicity of faiths in cultural conflict. And it means working together to help people build new understanding and new vision through, not despite, the creative harmony of difference.
—The Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, Rector, Trinity Church Wall Street

For all these reasons, Trinity’s St. Paul’s Chapel is a fitting place to host The Bridge. The Bridge serves as a common starting point on which to build toward seeing the development of a world that inherently respects and honors cultural and religious diversity, living and working together in harmony. Through the work of 47 visionary contemporary artists, The Bridge aims to provide a link not only within communities, but between communities.

St. Paul’s Chapel presents the U.S. premiere of The Bridge, which will later be exhibited at venues throughout the world. It opened on February 2, 2015, with a month-long exhibition in Paris to commemorate World Interfaith Harmony Week and was subsequently shown in Cairo, at St. Martin-in-the-Fields on Trafalgar Square in London, and at the Metz Cathedral in Metz, France. Following its exhibition in New York City it will be displayed throughout the United States at Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel, Spokane’s St. John’s Cathedral, Portland’s Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, and around Wyoming. From June 1– July 31, 2016, The Bridge will be on display in venues in Europe and the United States. To read more about the artists and the exhibition organizers, visit



CARAVAN, which originated in Cairo, Egypt, is an international peace-building arts NGO that focuses on building bridges through the arts between the creeds and cultures of the Middle East and West. CARAVAN’s experience has shown that the arts can serve as one of the most effective mediums to enhance understanding, bring about respect, enable sharing, and deepen friendship between those of different faiths and cultures. The Bridge is co-curated by CARAVAN Founder/President the Rev. Canon Paul-Gordon Chandler and noted artists Lilianne Milgrom and Dr. Reda Abdel Rahman. Past exhibitions include AMEN: A Prayer for the World, which was on display in Cairo, Washington DC’s National Cathedral, and New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 2014 and in 2013, In Peace and with Compassion, which featured 50 life-size painted donkeys on display in Cairo and at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The Bridge exhibition is sponsored by Trinity's Congregational Arts Committee.