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As a spiritual extension of the church, Trinity Commons offers resources and high-quality programs for our community—residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds. While in-person activities are suspended as we seek to do our part to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, we are offering a number of online classes and events, including movie nights, fitness classes, book talks, art workshops, academic support for youth, cooking classes, and more.

Please check back often for upcoming 2021 offerings and, for more information, contact Terrell L. Moody at

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Trinity Commons Speaker Series and Book Talks

Trinity hosts leaders who share stories and educate us on the pressing social issues of our time. The enlightening roster of upcoming speakers includes Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones on March 11 at 6-7:30pm EST and Professor Frank Snowden on March 18 at 6pm EDT.

Nikole Hannah-JonesTrinity Commons Speaker Series with Nikole Hannah-Jones

March 11, 2021, 6-7:30pm EST, Online, Register

Nikole Hannah-Jones is the Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of The 1619 Project, a long-form and ongoing initiative from The New York Times Magazine named for the year the first enslaved Africans arrived in America. The 1619 Project features a series of essays and images on the relationship between slavery and everything from social infrastructure to the arts. Through her investigative work, Hannah-Jones examines the racial inequities in housing and education in particular. She has written extensively on the history of racism, school resegregation, and the decades-long failure of the federal government to enforce the 1968 Fair Housing Act. In a conversation moderated by the Rev. Winnie Varghese, Hannah-Jones will discuss racial inequity in America, punctuated by the current political firestorm that threatens funding cuts to schools that use The 1619 Project as curriculum. Join us on Thursday, March 11, at 6pm EST for this critical conversation about our nation’s past and future.

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About Nikole Hannah-Jones
Nikole Hannah-Jones was the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" for “reshaping national conversations around education reform.” This is but one honor in a growing list: She is the creator of The New York Times Magazine’s The 1619 Project about the history and lasting legacy of American slavery, for which her powerful introductory essay was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for commentary. She's also won a Peabody, two George Polk awards, and the National Magazine Awards three times. Hannah-Jones covers racial injustice for The New York Times Magazine and has spent years chronicling the way official policy has created—and maintains—racial segregation in housing and schools. Her deeply personal reports on the Black experience in America offer a compelling case for greater equity. Hannah-Jones co-founded the Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting with the goal of increasing the number of reporters and editors of color. She holds a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina and earned her B.A. in History and African American studies from the University of Notre Dame.

About Winnie Varghese
The Rev. Winnie Varghese is a priest at Trinity Church Wall Street. Before coming to Trinity, Rev. Varghese was the rector of St. Mark’s in the Bowery, a historic Episcopal congregation in New York City. From 2003-2009, she served as the Episcopal Chaplain at Columbia University. From 1999-2003, she served as the curate at St. Alban’s, Westwood, and Episcopal Chaplain to UCLA. She graduated from the Union Theological Seminary (M.Div. 1999) and Southern Methodist University (B.A. Religious Studies 1994). She is the author of Church Meets World; editor of What We Shall Become; and author of numerous articles and chapters on social justice and the church.

Trinity Commons Knowledge Bites

Trinity Commons Knowledge Bites offer accessible and engaging conversations and learning opportunities through one-hour webinars for all ages on a range of topics, such as parenting, stress management, education, mindfulness, and well-being. You can join us in upcoming sessions by checking here often. And, you can share your interests with us for future sessions or ask questions about the offerings by emailing Damali Lewis at

Depression & Health

Friday, March 12, 12-1pm EST, Zoom, Register

Depression and health often go hand in hand, as depression can result in physical health symptoms, and issues with physcial health can also lead to depression. There is also a cycle that can occur; depression can lead to difficulties in taking care of one's physical health, and not taking care of one's physcial health can lead to depression being worsened. This talk will provide a brief overview of depression, its relationship to physical health, ways to treat depression while considering both the mind and the body. Join us for a free lunchtime discussion with Ashley Tigershtrom, B.A., PhD Student of Clinical Health Psychology, Pace University.

Positive Health Behaviors

Friday, March 26, 12-1pm EST, Zoom, Register

Positive health behaviors are behaviors that promote healthy living, such as eating a well-balanced diet, drinking enough water, exercising, getting enough sleep, and decreasing alcohol, tobacco and drug intake. This talk will provide an overview of positive health behaviors, their importance in the short and long term, as well as barriers one might experience when trying to engage in these behaviors. In addition, possible ways to overcome these barriers or “roadblocks” will be explored. Join us for a free lunchtime discussion with Ashley Tigershtrom, B.A., PhD Student of Clinical Health Psychology, Pace University.

How To Spot and Control Anxiety (And PTSD) Triggers

Friday, April 23, 12-1pm EST, Zoom, Register

Anxiety and PTSD can interfere with an individual’s ability to successfully engage in daily activities. When these symptoms are triggered, it can result in distress which can further exacerbate functioning. This presentation will aim to provide a brief review and understanding of how anxiety and PTSD can negatively influence one’s quality of life, and get in the way of healthy behaviors and coping. Additionally, information on how one may identify and cope with anxiety and PTSD triggers will also be presented. Join us for a free lunchtime discussion with Danielle Pendarvis M.A., PhD Student of Clinical Health Psychology, Pace University.

Health and Life Satisfaction

Friday, April 30, 12-1pm EST, Zoom, Register

This information session will cover a range of topics including defining what health means to each individual, how one can attempt to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and how by creating personal goals and attributes life satisfaction can be achieved. This session will also explore resources within the community that can support individuals in achieving their personal goals. Join us for a free lunchtime discussion with Akruti Patel B.A., PhD Student of Clinical Health Psychology, Pace University.


Trinity Commons Well-Being Series

Trinity Commons, in partnership with the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute, is offering Well-Being workshops from March to June 2021, facilitated by Julia Kristeller, MEd, of PSI. These workshops will focus on personal growth and healing of the mind, body and spirit through nature, yoga, and creative art expression. Yoga Off the Mat begins March 8; Signs of Spring and Tuning into the Healing Power of Nature happens April 21, one day before Earth Day; and Creative and Spiritual Journaling workshops will begin May 10.

Yoga Off the Mat: The Practice of Daily Living

Mondays, 12-1pm Eastern Time, on March 8, 15, 22, 29, April 12, 19, 26 and May 3 | Zoom | Register

Yoga is more than the physical postures we experience in a class or through our practice on the mat. It is also an awareness of our body, mind, and spirit in the movements and moments of daily living. This includes our breath, energy flow, balance, alignment, and personal and spiritual presence as we go through our day.

Whether you are engaged in yoga classes and want to carry your practice with you more fully through the day, or you do not have the time or capacity to take part in a regular class on the mat—join us as we explore the ancient meaning and practice of yoga “off the mat.” Together we will learn and share short simple practices to settle, center, and strengthen ourselves in coping with the stresses of these times.

Each session will include meditation; reflections on the teachings and philosophy of yoga; breathing; brief standing, sitting, and walking practices; and time and space for silence and sharing. Participants will need a straight chair to sit up in and will be required to sign a waiver  to join the class.

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General information

  • Events are free. Registration is open and rolling.
  • Participation is at your own risk, and waivers may be required for participation. Depending on the workshop or class, these waivers may be available during registration or they may be emailed to you after you register.
  • Events are not faith-based, although you are invited to check out our worship and parish life events as well.
  • Trinity-hosted virtual events are available on Zoom and occasionally Webex. For help with Zoom, click here. If your event is on Webex, please follow this link to download Webex Meetings to your computer. For help with Webex, click here.