Download Partner Guidelines

This document provides detailed information the role of a partner site, conference goals and purpose, how to set up a webcast, technical support information, and so much more! Click here to download.

Theological Reflection Groups

Click here to download a folder containing:

  • Guidelines for facilitators
  • Card for Session One
  • Kingdom-of-God Values (Session Two)

In addition, see the Facilitator Video by clicking here

How to Promote TI2015 at Your Location

The TI2015 promotional toolkit is here to help you spread the word about the conference and get registrations. Using this guide and the materials in the toolkit should make it a snap! Here’s what you’ll find in the TI2015 promotional toolkit:


Click here to download a .zip file of template materials. To use the template materials, simply replace the highlighted sample text with relevant text about your site. Then they are ready to use! The toolkit contains the following template materials:

  • Template flier
  • Template poster
  • Template eblast (plain-text)
  • Template press release
  • Template social media messages


Click here to download a .zip file of stand-alone assets. These are pieces you might need if you wish to build promotional items yourself, such as a webpage or a flier. Here’s what you’ll find:

• Web banner

• Logos

• Speaker photos

• Key messages


Fliers and Posters

Post fliers and posters in open areas, where they are highly visible to people who might be interested in the conference. Hang fliers in your church, and in other places that your target audience frequents – this may be other churches in the area, schools, or community centers. Identify people who are advocates for Trinity Institute in your community, give them a stack of fliers, and ask them to get creative!

Start now! The earlier you can get attendees, signed on, the better.


Email is a fast, easy, inexpensive way to promote TI2015. If you don’t have a list of email addresses readily available, collect email addresses after services or at community events. Ask leaders in your church or organization for mailing lists you may not be aware of; often times, mailing lists are fragmented across an organization.

Send emails early and often and include reminders about registration deadlines.

Press Release

A press release is a written statement released to the media to provide newsworthy information, in hopes that a reporter will cover the event: either by publishing the press release, writing a feature article, or including an event listing in a publication.

Research local reporters who might be interested in reporting on TI2015 and email them a “pitch,” in which you ask them to write about TI2015. This pitch should tell the reporter why his or her readers would be interested in this topic. Below the pitch, copy and paste your press release.

Social Media

Social Media is an excellent (and free) way to market your event quickly – and it gives you the ability to reach people who are already interested in what you have to say: your followers.

Feel free to use the template Facebook and Twitter messages included in the toolkit and also draft some of your own, personalizing them for your audience. When creating Twitter and Facebook messages, it is important to always include a call-to-action: the URL or email address that allows people to register for TI2015 at your location.

In order to create interest for the event over time, post about recent articles, books, sermons, etc. on economic inequality and/or the TI2015 speakers.


Feeling creative? Use the logos, web banners, photos, and messages to create your own promotional pieces. If you choose to promote TI2015 on your website, you can upload the web banner provided in the toolkit, to give your page an official feel.


Do you know HTML or want to give it a try? If you’d like to send an HTML eblast, we’ll send the file to you along with directions for use via email. The directions are designed for users with little to no technical development skills. To receive these items, please email Kara Araujo at